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  1. vw4life

    Passat B5.5 Wagon Westfalia Euro Hitch $350 USD - Vancouver, Canada

    Selling my Westfalia Euro hitch for a B5.5 Passat Wagon FWD only. Includes Thule 3 bike rack and two key locks. This stuff is heavy. Originating Canadian Post code is V3M 3C3. Please investigate shipping charges from your end. Willing to discuss local deal with BC, AB, and Wa residents. $350...
  2. vw4life

    B5.5 wagon Westphalia Euro hitch

    So it looks like my Passat TDI wagon is going to be traded. It has a Westphalia euro hitch that I could scavenge off the car if there is some one interested. This hitch is in Vancouver bc Canada and I am willing to work with you to get it to you if it’s worth both our time. Let me know with a...
  3. vw4life

    Camshaft symptoms?

    I've driven my Passat TDI for 100,000 miles almost since new. I had the BSM replacement done at 50,000 miles and ive hung around these forums forever but it's been a while since I've actually logged in. Recently as the weather has been cooling off on my way to work before the coolant idiot...
  4. vw4life

    Easy and cheap diesel fuel in chilliwack BC

    Hi, we are headed east on #1. Usually I leave the city with a full tank and fill up at our destination (osoyoos) so the kid stays sleeping and stops are fewer. This time I have half a tank. I almost never have to buy diesel in chilliwack or abbotsford. Is there a place on the south side of #1...
  5. vw4life

    uneven tire wear (was sublte pull to the right)

    Hi Folks, I have found uneven tire wear on my right side, inside shoulder of my tires. I first noticed this problem 4 years ago and spoke about it here. Now that I have gone through one set of tires, put on a second, and pulled them off for winter I have definitively observed that my front...
  6. vw4life

    Requesting help fixing leak windshield washer tank

    Requesting help fixing leaky windshield washer tank About 6 weeks ago my windshield washer tank light blipped on, refill me now. Usually this doesn't happen too often 2 or 3 times a year so I didn't think about it. I filled it up and went on my way. About 1 week later it went on again. So I...
  7. vw4life

    Michelin Stealth wiper blades from Costco for aerotwin replacement

    Hi B5.5'ers I wanted to write a PSA type post regarding my recent experience replacing my wiper blades. We have long been told that the Bosch aerotwin wipers on our later model passats (and many other european brand cars) are the best in the business. I know some certainly don't agree and...
  8. vw4life

    Bugatti story

    (edit: subject typo Bugatti!) I found this story on NY Times very enjoyable and thought that may others here might enjoy it too: A Used-Car Deal for the Ages: 30...
  9. vw4life

    OBD scanner for B5.5 Passat EGT probe on the fly

    Hi folks, I'd love to buy a scan gauge or iphone compatible or VAD type device for monitoring my trans temp, boost and EGT temp when I tow. I did a bunch of research 2 years ago but there doesn't appear to be any device that will allow on the fly monitoring of VW's EGT probe that is on the...
  10. vw4life

    Mobil 1 ESP / TDT in Canada

    Hi Folks, post up your deals and locations to purchase mobil 1 TDT and ESP oils in Canada. Specifically, I am on the west coast and am looking for a retailer for ESP oil, preferably 5w40 to try in my Passat PD. I can only find TDT at walmart so far...
  11. vw4life

    Planning help (OR/ID/MT/WY & WA)

    Local OR, ID, MT, and WY folks, I am planning a post TDI fest mini roadtrip to Yellowstone and the Tetons. Below is a link to a proposed route. I'd appreciate your opinions and suggestions for minor re-routes for scenery or other suggested must see/must do's for the wife and I. google my map
  12. vw4life

    Looking for road trip advice

    Local OR, ID, MT, and WY folks, I am planning a post TDI fest mini roadtrip to Yellowstone and the Tetons. Below is a link to a proposed route. I'd appreciate your opinions and suggestions for minor re-routes for scenery or other suggested must see/must do's for the wife and I. google my map
  13. vw4life


    I hope, I am sure Jeff will be at the fest to do rocketchipping...I want to be sure I am on the list so I thought I'd start it. Too early? Maybe, but never-the-less, let the excitement brew! Rocketchip list 1.) vw4life (BHW RC1 or RC1.5) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.)
  14. vw4life

    5W40 505.01 pentosin/motul in Vancouver/Seattle?

    Anyone know where to pick up Pentosin, Motul, or other 5W40 505.01 oil in the vancouver or seattle area? Mail ordering it into canada is too expensive on the shipping.
  15. vw4life

    2010 BC Biodiesel 22c/L tax!!!!????

    Dear BC lowermainland Biodiesel users, I just went by my favourite BD pumps in south burnaby to fill up only to notice their sign that they are discontinuing their sales of BD effective 01Jan2010 due to a new BC gov't 22c/L tax on biodiesel. I was shocked. This doesn't make sense. I know...
  16. vw4life

    GTI dies on the track in the hands of journalist excerpt: It happened about halfway through the third lap of a five-lap run around the circuit, led by NASCAR/Indy car driver Patrick Carpentier. As my fellow driver, Bob McHugh, and I...
  17. vw4life

    Canadian supplier graf metal water pump urgent

    My car is in for a repair and I'd like the water pump to be replaced with a Graf metal one. It seems the part is not available through the VW dealer so I need to order it for them I guess. Anyone know of a Canadian supplier that can ship over-night and ship out on a Friday afternoon? Thanks
  18. vw4life

    3.0L TDI chain drives

    I know its not the topic of this forum, but everyone here is hyper sensitive about chain drives and I for one am interested how the new 3L V6 TDI will perform. I copied this link from other thread showing how the 3L V6 TDI is built and there is a section showing the chain drives being...
  19. vw4life

    extended warranties vs. BS replacement

    I know extended warranties are almost a taboo subject here, yet may of you B5.5 owners do have them. My vehicle is under warranty now, factory, but of course the dealers are loath to actually facilitate the BS module replacement unless it sounds really really REALLY bad for fear of VW corporate...
  20. vw4life

    Help with non-operational key fob

    Hi Folks, I drive a B5.5 TDI but my sister has an 05.5 mk5 gasser. Her key fob is dead and I have searched here for key fob problems and replacement procedures but have come up short. Most of the data base is about replacing the battery which they have tried. They have been to the dealer and...