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  1. Sootman

    I'm Back Sootman Returns

    Finally got myself back in to a diesel VW. Put 175K on my gasser A3 but it started nickel and diming me so it was off to my good friends dealership and with a very generous trade in offer I drove off in a 2011 Golf TDI. I'll miss the AWD but as I'm retiring I won't have to drive to work every...
  2. Sootman

    Passat TDI Monster Mats 2012-2015 - NEW

    New-Genuine OEM 2012-2015 VW Passat TDI Rubber Monster Floor Mats! Using round retention clips, exact fitment and designed to protect the original carpeting of your vehicle. Full set of 4 rubber mats, I won these at this years' TDI Fest but I don't have a Passat. Retail is $99.00, price on the...
  3. Sootman

    BRM Timing Belt Kit

    SOLD Brand new in the box. $100 + shipping from 04101. PM me if interested.
  4. Sootman

    Heater Mod for Extra Cold Nights

    This fellow Volvo Diesel driver has found an excellent way to stay comfortable during this cold winter. I understand it's even warm in the back seat:D Tnx to Chris Z.
  5. Sootman

    Kwicksilver Wheel Straightening Available at the Fest

    On Saturday the folks from Kwicksilver will be at the Fest to straighten your bent wheels. Dave Jenkins of Kwicksilver will be at the Fest with his machinery and be able to straighten wheels for $75.00 each. Dave can refinish wheel, but only at his shop so refinishing won't be available at the...
  6. Sootman

    Great Logo!!

    Gotta love that logo. Nice work.;)
  7. Sootman

    '06.5 Suspension Refresh - Bushings

    I have an '06.5 Jetta with 155K miles on it. At about 80K the struts were replaced with Koni FDS's. However now I suspect it's time for a bushing refresh as the car often moves back and forth like a hula dancer when I'm on the highway. At first I thought it may be my tires and/or alignment so...
  8. Sootman

    Interior Lights/Terminal 30 ???

    Fixed...bad fuse my bad I was installing a new radar detector in my '06.5 pkg 2 and shorted some wires in the connector that goes to the interior (dome) lights. I scanned the car with my VAG and it says intermittent or short to ground terminal 30. I'm assuming that I pooched the relay for...
  9. Sootman

    2002 gls tdi

    Fs 2002 gls tdi phone number was wrong and has been fixed A friend who repairs VW's (gassers) picked up this running car at a dealership. He started driving it back and it stopped running. No run-away, no blown head, good compression, everything "looks" OK but it won't start and run. The...
  10. Sootman

    White Smoke on Start-Up

    Since switching to PD 150 injectors (both a set of used ones then a set of new ones) I've been getting a fairly significant puff of white smoke on my morning start-up or nearly any time the car sits for several hours or more. It goes away immediately and the car runs fine. A compression check...
  11. Sootman

    Rear Swaying

    I've been noticing when driving on Interstate highways that typically have had lots of truck traffic that the rear end of my '06 dances around quite a bit. I've had this happen with 2-set of tires and wheels and have replaced all the struts. I've also heard from one other A5 driver that they...
  12. Sootman

    BRM w/PD 140 Turbo and 150 Injectors

    I finally got around to running a dyno on my '06 BRM with an upgraded PD 140 turbo and PD 150 injectors and of course a tune from Jeff at RocketChip. Lots of people helped pull this together, my thanks to them all. Rollin' the Coal...
  13. Sootman

    Measuring Block Group 023

    I am having an problem with the idle on my 2006.5 BRM Jetta. I do not get any engine codes But wondered if the values I'm seeing in Group 23 Injector Switch Deviation: 93.0 93.0 97.0 94.00 could be too high BTW I'm using PD 150 injectors. Any ideas?
  14. Sootman

    New Type of Bad Idle

    Like many with a BRM Mark V owners I went through the bad idle that could be eliminated by changing the timing. I did that around 50K-60K miles and all was great. However at 80K I started to notice a return of the car idling poorly and the engine shaking. No too terribly but certainly...
  15. Sootman

    FS N75 Valve only 200 miles on it

    Price Drop 50% off new $40.00!! I had purchased this in hopes of solving an intermittent idle problem. It wasn't the N75 valve. This valve was purchased Saturday (3/17) and removed from the car Sunday (3/18) after only driving for 200 miles. $50.00
  16. Sootman

    BRM EGR Cooler For Sale

    SOLD Price Update...$100.00 Just removed a working EGR Cooler from my '06 BRM Jetta. The car has 130,500 miles on it at the time of the EGR removal. The cooler never leaked, the actuator rod moves freely and there are no known issues. $125.00 plus shipping from 04097
  17. Sootman

    BRM Turbo w/Actuator For Sale

    SOLD I've just removed my stock BRM turbo and replaced it with a PD 140 turbo. The stock BRM turbo has 133,500 miles on it, has little if any play in the shaft and worked very well right up to its removal. It includes the actuator. Please note coolant pipe bolt was tack welded after the...
  18. Sootman

    BRM Turbo Upgrade Install

    Starting on February 20th many parts were changed out on my ’06 BRM Jetta in an effort to make some performance improvements. Jeff of Rocket Chip had chipped the car when it was almost new. Now 4-years later he was ready to retune the car as I had purchased PD 150 injectors from ryanp of...
  19. Sootman

    WeatherTech LampGard Headlight Protectors 2005-2010

    SOLD I'm selling these for a friend. This is a complete kit to cover the headlights and fog lights on Mark V Jettas (maybe Golfs?). The clear plastic covers are applied to the lights and provide extra protection to the lights' lenses...
  20. Sootman

    Weird Coding Issue-I could use Help

    FIXED You'd think I'd learn to stay away from VW after 9+ years but I had such a simple task and they were on my way to work. I wanted to have my headlights aimed. I'd had several friends tell me when I was following them one headlight (low beam HID) was at a funny angle. I dropped the car...