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  1. Hamsterdiesel

    Manual gearbox oil change

    Has anyone done this yet? Tips and tricks anyone? Recommended mileage for change?
  2. Hamsterdiesel

    Ho5G 1/1/2020 Food Thread

    Hi Guys! Little reminder here that we provide a warm garage, warm grill and bathroom facilities... it's up to you for food and drink! Please post here with your offerings to the Ho5G gods...and guests! I will most likely have Hamsterbrownies as usual...:D
  3. Hamsterdiesel

    Dec 1 - First Friday!

    Hello TDI peeps! I would like to call a First Friday for Dec 1 - let's go to Minado! It's been a long time since we've been there....and it's close enough to my birthday to call it a celebration (if you call getting older something to celebrate:eek:) I hope to see as...
  4. Hamsterdiesel

    Food for Ho5G GTG 1/1/17

    Please post your food offerings to the Ho5G gods:p... Thanks and see you soon! Just a reminder - we supply the warm garage (and house) and the propane grill!
  5. Hamsterdiesel

    Volunteers - we are looking for YOU!

    TDIFest relies on volunteers. This whole event is planned and executed by volunteers. Here's your chance to lend a hand to your TDI community by becoming a Fest volunteer on site in Sturgeon Bay, WI! :D Please respond to this thread with days and times you'd be willing to help us out. I...
  6. Hamsterdiesel

    Ho5G Food Thread - 1/1/16

    Decided we better start a food thread...:D Please post your food offerings here: Hamsterbrownies! VeeDubTDI - cheeseburgers & buns bhtooefr - ginger ale & fudge mint cookies sootman - shrimp cocktail MonsterTDI09 - root beer
  7. Hamsterdiesel

    How about a Last Friday?

    Better late than never...:eek: I found a place in Woburn that looks like it might work for us. The Brick Yard 371 Main Street, Woburn, MA 01801 I've never been there - just going by the website and location it looks like it might be a good fit. I'm tired of not...
  8. Hamsterdiesel

    erWin online - VW's answer (?) to Bentley Manuals

    Has anyone signed up for this service? What are your thoughts on it as compared to the Bentley manuals of years past? It has been suggested to pay for a month subscription and then download all your pertinent info. I'd like to know if anyone has done this and how did it work. I feel naked...
  9. Hamsterdiesel


    When did it change? Why did it change? What changed? Just curious if anyone can help enlighten me...Thanks!
  10. Hamsterdiesel

    East Coast Feeler - Fate of the Infamous Hamster Car

    East coast friends: For those of you who haven't heard, my shiny Golf has been in an accident. It has front damage. It is the opinion of our local guru that it is not that bad and is repairable. For those of you who know the car, I think you'd agree - it would be a crime to part this...
  11. Hamsterdiesel

    FS-The Hamster's '99 Golf - with front damage

    As some of you know, my shiny black Golf has taken a front hit. While it still runs and is fixable, I’ve taken the opportunity (excuse) to buy a new Passat. Now what to do with the Golf? The Golf has more new parts than not – you name it and it’s either been replaced or reworked. This car...
  12. Hamsterdiesel

    New to the NMS...advice for a longtime A4 driver?

    So many many questions...:o Are we still supposed to drive it like we stole it? Can you tell when the regen is happening? Do you ignore the shifting 'recommendations' the car gives you? I know there are many folks out there that have made this similar switch between the A4 and...
  13. Hamsterdiesel

    Rear hatch latch problem in cold weather

    '99 Golf - hatch unlocks, opens but will not re-latch closed. Key in the hatch lock turns but does nothing. Try to close the hatch and it bounces back at me. However - WARM up the hatch (halogen lamp or heat gun) and voila, the hatch latches closed/locked. I figure we need to get in there and...
  14. Hamsterdiesel

    Ho5G Food Thread - 1/1/15

    Hey guys - food and drink make the GTG go 'round...please post here what you can bring for group enjoyment. Not sayin' you need to feed the army, but enough for you and 6-8 friends would be a fair example. We are providing the grill, propane and garage heat for working comfort. Also bathroom...
  15. Hamsterdiesel

    Last Minute Friday - Kimballs & Bamboo

    Is anyone interested? I have a hankerin' for the fall ice cream flavors....pumpkin....gingersnap molasses.... anyone up for a First Friday on the third friday?? Like in 2 days??
  16. Hamsterdiesel

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    Once again we are hosting the very first GTG of the new year on New Year's Day, 1/1/2014! Festivities will start @ 9am-ish and go to 10pm-ish. HO5G rules apply remember if you feel the need to fill the towns coffers with your hard earned cash do so at your own risk. The chief of police lives...
  17. Hamsterdiesel

    Show and Shine 2013

    Show and Shine 2013 This year the Show and Shine is being judged by YOU, the people! We’ve always had a single “People’s Choice” award, but this year we are depending on your choices for ALL the categories. Be sure to visit the show and submit your completed ballot. The show takes place...
  18. Hamsterdiesel

    This Friday is the First... what do we do? Impex is the next day and I'm not sure how many might be wanting to sleep in before the trip... should we reschedule or do an additional Friday maybe?
  19. Hamsterdiesel

    First Friday 3/2/12

    Pat mentioned someplace in Auburn - a Teppanyaki place... Nico, do you remember the place? We didn't make that one so I have an excuse for not remembering!
  20. Hamsterdiesel

    Feb First Friday... next Friday... Conrad's again?