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  1. ecodean

    EGR from PD150

    I got this to get higher flow yet still keep the antishudder function of the stock EGR. Never got around to fitting it. Everything is vacuum actuated and works as it should. $50 plus shipping.
  2. ecodean

    Differential from 02Golf

    Differential was removed at about 75k from my 02 TDI to make room for a peloquin diff. $70 plus shipping.
  3. ecodean

    Passenger door wont unlock with remote

    My battery died, but has now been charged, and now my key fob remote won't unlock the passenger door, everything else works fine. Is there a simple fix for this? Thanks, Dean
  4. ecodean

    WTB: ASR switch

    I need the ASR switch like the one to the left of the hazard switch in this photo.
  5. ecodean

    FS: A4 downpipe and new high flow catalytic converter

    SOLD....SOLD...SOLD 2.5" TDI Parts downpipe and NEW 2.5" high flow cat. The downpipe has been cut shorter than when new but is in excellent condition. $300 for the pair plus shipping.
  6. ecodean

    FS: VR6 MAF housing with used sensor

    This is a new VR6 housing with a used sensor, I do not know the condition of the sensor, it came in the PD150 housing I just installed. Make me an offer if interested.
  7. ecodean

    FS: Airbox to turbo plumbing from my 02 golf

    For sale is the Airbox, Accordion hose, TIP pipe, the little CCV pipe with the wire connection, and the rubber TIP to turbo hose. $75 plus shipping, OBO.
  8. ecodean

    FS: A4 downpipe and new high flow catalytic converter

    For sale is a low mileage, used, TDI Parts 2.5" downpipe along with a new 2.5" high flow catalytic converter. The downpipe was cut shorter then it originally was when new, when it was removed from the previous owners car. $340 plus shipping for the pair, or $340 at the Ashville GTG.
  9. ecodean

    FS: ALH EGR valve.

    From my 02 with 97k miles. It's reasonably clean and works great with no vacuum leakdown when tested. $50 shipped $40 at the Ashville GTG.
  10. ecodean

    FS: ALH Intake Manifold, Cleaned and ready to go.

    From my 02 Golf. $90 shipped, $80 delivered to the Ashville GTG. Click the image to inlarge.
  11. ecodean

    05 Golf Belly Pan

    I have the OEM plastic belly pan from our 05 Golf which I would like to get out of my garage. $35 plus shipping takes it, or I can bring it to Impex Fest for pick up. It has a few minor scratches on the bottom, otherwise it is in very good shape.
  12. ecodean

    Pre TDI filters

    Oil filters from my 85 jetta NA diesel $4.00 each and a fuel filter from an unknown VW. $4.00. They may not be worth shipping but I can bring them to Impex Fest if anyone is interested. (click the image to inlarge)
  13. ecodean

    Antifreeze Leak Picture

    This is what I found when I removed my skid plate. Does this look like a water pump leak? Thanks in advance for any help. Click the image to enlarge.
  14. ecodean

    Mk4 Golf Headlights

    FS Mk4 Golf Headlights SOLD SOLD SOLD For sale golf headlights (Minus Bulbs) that will fit a Mk4 golf. These lights are in good shape with very slight hazing. No broken tabs, no chips. If your headlight lenses are in poor shape these are an easy fix. $80 for the pair.
  15. ecodean

    Will a PD150 TIP clear stock EGR cooler?

    Does anyone know if a PD150 TIP will clear the stock EGR setup on a ALH engine?
  16. ecodean

    FS: ALH Stealth EGR Valve

    FS: ALH Stealth Race Pipe I'm upgrading to a PD150 manifold so I no longer need this. The EGR port is filled with aluminum, there are a few pits in the welding but they are cosmetic only. The throat has been opened up a little. Anti shutter valve moves freely. $80 shipped to USA
  17. ecodean

    Vibration Under Heavy Loads

    This morning I noticed a vibration when at full pedal in 5th gear:( . On the way home from work I tried to duplicate the problem. Once again at WOT in 5th I got a vibration, but this time it was really bad:eek: , made the whole car shudder. It only happens under full load in 5th. If I wind it...
  18. ecodean

    FS:VNT 15, 10MM Inj.Pump, Sprint 520's, Differential

    I just made a few upgrades to my 02 Golf so the old parts are for sale. 1. VNT 15 with acctuator, installed in the car at 28,000 miles by VW. The turbo has ~45,500 miles on it and works fine. SOLD 2. 10MM injection pump with 75,000 miles on it. No Leaks. Works Fine.SOLD 3. Sprint 520 Nozzles ~...
  19. ecodean

    Old Biodiesel, is it safe to use?

    While cleaning out my garage I found a full 55gal. barrel of B100. It is homebrew dated 10/2006. My question is, is it safe to use? What tests should I do to verify the quality? Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Dean
  20. ecodean

    FS 2003 JETTA 5 speed 112000 miles