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  1. Zlartibartfast

    FS 2009 Sportwagen TDI Austin TX

    SOLD 2009 Sportwagen TDI Austin TX ---post updated 9/16 - Jetta is SOLD--- ---post updated 9/1 - new asking price $17500.00---- I am the original owner, bought her in Oct 2008, & I have the title. All service has been performed by the dealer, Maund VW. Odo now reads 49280. Just had it's 50k...
  2. Zlartibartfast


    the user named MikeLawrie is spamming the forum with inappropriate material. Please do not reply to any threads of his.
  3. Zlartibartfast

    TDI Trick or Treat

    No Trick! All Treat! My JSW TDI arrived ahead of schedule (admittedly, this one was not exactly what I had asked for back in August). The dealer called and said they had re-directed an "orhpaned" car, and offered it to me. The roof, mat kit, and iPod dock were not on my wish list. The Silver was...
  4. Zlartibartfast

    It's not even a car anymore

    A friend sent me this in a email (scanned it - no virii) I posted it on my FTP site. You need MS PowerPoint or a PPS viewer to read it. Having been in a situation such as the one depicted, I can appreciate what the driver must have been feeling...
  5. Zlartibartfast

    fun feature on VW.COM

    They have a poll page running - some of the polls proposed are pretty funny, some are fairly serious, some are just dumb. Go have some fun - suggest your own poll!