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  1. sackman

    3" Full Exhaust

    I have a 3" Custom full exhaust, Straight piped all the way back. Has proper fitment for all the exhaust brackets. Starts from the catalytic converter (replaces it w/ 3" straight pipe) and goes all the way back to a turn down just before the end of the Golf/Beetle bumper (can easily be...
  2. sackman

    WTS: Metalnerd Timing Belt Tools Engine Pro Kit A3/B4/A4/NB

    This kit allows you to complete timing belt jobs on A3/B4/A4/NB platforms I have never used this kit, it is still in the original packaging. I paid $270 shipped. Complete kit of all 9 specialty tools for all North American TDI from 1996 to 2003. Not for the...
  3. sackman

    Cxracing's TDI specific intercooler kit?

    What do you guys think of it? I've read some say inlet/outlet on the same side does not give good air flow. Maybe I should just stick with the $200 ebay kits..
  4. sackman

    Transmission/Shifter periodically can't move into any forward gears

    Periodically the shifter locks up, not allowing me to move the stick into any forward gear, reverse seems to work when this happens (so maybe there is something that is not linked to reverse but just forward gears). A few times it has gotten stuck in a gear (not any one gear in particular)...
  5. sackman

    Stumped.. on the AC; have relplaced so many parts, and still nothing.

    Here are all the new parts I have installed: - Ac compressor - dryer/receiver - expansion valve - both fans are new The new fans run only on high speed, they run constantly, and for about 10 mins after I turn the car off, pull the key, and walk away. I evacuated the system, pumping any air out...
  6. sackman

    WTB Stock exhaust mkiv

    If anyone in the Pacific NW is upgrading exhaust I would give a few bucks and haul away their old stock exhaust for them. I decided appeasing the GF and reducing noise is more important than the increased performance.
  7. sackman

    BMW Xenon HID retrofit blowing fuses

    Have a pair of BMW Xenons I am trying to retrofit.. keep blowing fuses. Do I need a resistor of some sort spliced in to keep them from drawing too much power? Anyone ever done this before?
  8. sackman

    Audi allroad vs 4motion b5 passat for 3.0 CR swap

    I am looking at what would be a more practical swap for a 3.0 v6 common rail. On the side of the B5 it would be a lot cheaper starting platform. Ive seen them go for as low as $3k. Although the allroad is more expensive, around $6k. It could have already in it a 6speed manual, (although Im...
  9. sackman

    Brand New Tie Rod Ends from Bora Parts

    Two Brand new tie rod ends (left & right) never been mounted. These sell for $40 for the two on I'll do it for almost half that. $25 for the set. Thanks, Nick
  10. sackman

    OEM BBS RC Wheels 18"x7.5"

  11. sackman

    FS: 10mm Injection Pump

    Just had Oldpoopie swap out my 10mm IP for an 11 (notice a little more responsiveness in the top end). This 10mm IP is off my 00' Golf with 140k miles. Serial#: 038 130 107 D. Cheap replacement for anyone who's is giving out. $250. Price drop: $225
  12. sackman

    99.5 ecu #038 906 18 eb

    Good working ECU off of a 99.5 MK4. Bought this to use when my original ECU was being tuned. $150. Price drop: $135
  13. sackman

    Flush the Brakes, need some tips..

    So Ive been pouring over all these threads, some good stuff in here:
  14. sackman

    Why are my stock spindles and H2Sport spindles not the same?

    Wondering why my Stock spindles arent the same as my H2Sport spindles? It looks like I need the calliper carrier, but I want to make sure this will work before I go to the U-Pull it lot tomorrow. Stock: H2Sport: Looks like I need #19: Calliper Carrier: Also did I install Tie Rod End on...
  15. sackman

    Remove Valve cover gasket to change to 11mm pump?

    I am following Rocketeer's install of a 11mm IP and wondering why does he have to remove the valve cover gasket?
  16. sackman

    IP Install DIY Thread?

    Yes, I did search, couldnt find one. .
  17. sackman

    EMERGENCY Situation!

    My brothers 98 AHU Jetta lost power, wont climb hills, literally losing speed going up hill at 35mph. It has trouble revving over 2500 rpm. and when I start it up it revs over 2k. The revving issue started up just tonight, everything else has been going on for a day or two. There is also a...
  18. sackman

    T4s and stock tune?

    What would the effect of t4s and just a stock tune be? Will there be a lot of smoke and can that be turned down with IQ?
  19. sackman

    Free GTI 6-Speed

    If you had access to a free GTI 6-Speed.. Had to lure you in with the title:D Would it be worth the $$$ spent in parts and labor to make it work "right" (gears etc.) Or would you be better off just buying one from UK (RyanP) with the correct ratios. This is a hypothetical of course, just...
  20. sackman

    Frost Heater Head Light Washer: Install Instructions

    Trying to find the instructions for installing these. I lost mine.. Can someone here help me out.