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  1. Jetta_Pilot

    No fuse diagram available !!!

    I drive a 2015 Passat and I know that there is no fuse diagram available anywhere, the dealer is no help. So if a fuse blows how do you know which one it is? I had the fuse for the 12volt outlet below the radio go on me. Because of the fuses I had installed I knew exactly which fuse it is since...
  2. Jetta_Pilot

    Phone in car

    I'm just curious if the cellphone uses the shark fin antenna or just it's own antenna when connected in the car.
  3. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    Well as we all know there is no fuse diagram to be found. Maybe someone in the business of repairing may have that. Now about 3-4 years ago I decided that that is ridiculous and spent the money to buy an assortment of ATO fuses that light up when they are blown. Happened to me today that a...
  4. Jetta_Pilot

    Remove "Missing" link reference

    Just don't know where to post this. I used to have a file that would pop up when someone looked at my post. It is gone since the forum was revamped, BUT now there is a red X in it's place. I've seen it in other posters messages too. I've checked my profile page and cannot find anything there...
  5. Jetta_Pilot

    EV cars

    There was a thread about EV cars which is now locked. I added a comment about someone doing a 250mile (400km) trip in winter in a Tesla and how it in my opinion was a royal PIA trip. Here is the link for that trip.
  6. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDI insurance cost ?

    I'm just curious what people are paying for their insurance in small town Ontario on a 2015 PASSAT TDI. Clean driving record ! Definitely well over 60 years old. Wondering if my insurance is charging way too mucking fuch at just under $ 1900.00 a year. TIA Please no info on a Jetta since it's...
  7. Jetta_Pilot

    Downloading file via Flashzilla

    Just had my car in at the dealer, oil change, brake fluid change and DSG transmission fluid change. I'm pretty sure that the DSG did not have anything done via the electronic access port. My MFI indicator still shows me D1 to D6 where the OEM only shows the numbers. I think I am right, if I...
  8. Jetta_Pilot

    Passenger side mirror

    My passenger side mirror does not go to the lowered position any longer when the car is in reverse. It used to until recently. I can move the mirror manually using the knob on the drivers door. The MIF is set to dip the mirror in reverse. The knob on the drivers door is in the "R" position...
  9. Jetta_Pilot

    DSG fluid change

    Thought I'd better start my own thread, tacked onto another no one will see it. Sometime around the middle of April I'll be coming up I-35 from Laredo to Dallas, then east to Texarkana and then on to Memphis. Looking to have my DSG fluid changed on my Passat and an idea of the cost and who...
  10. Jetta_Pilot

    Looking for DPF cleaner

    I've looked at various DPF cleaners and all require access to the DPF on the car. Found Bardahl and Tec4 which both are added into the fuel tank. Does anyone know where any of those two or a similar product can be bought. I may be wrong but the DPF filter on our cars does not have an access...
  11. Jetta_Pilot

    Hex-V2 DPF soot read and regen

    Cannot access the Ross-Tech forum site, my password for access is at home and I won't get there for another 5 months. I drive my car very seldom because of the fuel issue in Mexico. LSD vs ULSD Can someone please tell me how to do a soot read and how to do a regen using my V2 tool. Need the...
  12. Jetta_Pilot

    Diesel fuel usage. LSD vs. ULSD

    I have a 2015 Passat TDI which I drive to Mexico every fall and back home in the spring. I drive it very rarely in Mexico because as far as I know the Diesel is still LSD here ! When I do, each time I drive at highway speeds in 4th gear for example to try and burn some crap off! I drive because...
  13. Jetta_Pilot

    DEF usage?

    Just out of curiosity, I just did an almost 4,500 mile trip and today I thought I'd see how much DEF I used. It barely took 1 litre or a bit more than 1 US quart. That would mean it used way less than it ought to? Any ideas why that may be?
  14. Jetta_Pilot

    Another sometimes mysterious starting situation

    My car has the DSG. I push hard on the brake pedal and push the Kessy button to start and nothing happens. Take my foot of the brake and release the Kessy button and about one second later the starter engages and the engine starts.:confused: It's like the systems thinks do I want to start or...
  15. Jetta_Pilot

    Diesel Fuel filter change

    This is a Youtube link to show an easy way to change the fuel filter on most newer Diesel VW's. I have a plastic shopping bag handy to drop the used filter into after it has drained most of the Diesel off. I have not found it necessary to use a VCDS or prime with the fuel pump since before...
  16. Jetta_Pilot

    60,000km dealer service

    Anyone had the 60k done at a dealer for a 2015 Passat? Curious what kind of charge I might expect to get. Tx
  17. Jetta_Pilot

    Want switched power

    I want to get rid of being plugged into the 12v outlet. I have a Dashcam which is mounted on the windshield glass near the rear view mirror. What I want is a switched power supply for it and I believe it may be available in the overhead map light console. I have searched through all my saved...
  18. Jetta_Pilot

    Battery replacement for keyfob

    Found this on the web and it worked very well for me so I thought I'd pass it on. A short Youtube video clip. Replace keyfob battery
  19. Jetta_Pilot

    Source for DEF in Scarborough

    Just found a source for DEF in Scarborough. Princess Auto, Part Source, CTC etc are all selling the stuff for $19.95 for 9.46 liters. A truck supply at 150 Nantucket Blvd unit #9 sells it for $ 11.47 for 9.46 liters. Just bought 2 for $ 25.00 out the door. Nantucket is just east of...
  20. Jetta_Pilot

    H8 size battery install in a 2015 Passat

    Duralast Platinum H8-AGM battery, or any other larger than OEM size battery. Auto zone lists this battery as a fit for a 2015 Passat. It does fit after quite a bit of work to make it fit since the H8-AGM is just under 10cm (4") longer, the width is the same. I did not try to fit the silly...