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  1. Nozzleman

    WTB MKIV ALH automatic car dead or wrecked TX

    I'm looking for a MKIV ALH automatic car that is cheap. Wrecked or dead is fine. Would like it to be w/i 300 miles of Dallas TX. Let me know what you have.
  2. Nozzleman

    Heads up. 92 Cabriolet spotted in Pick and Pull Ft Worth TX

    There is a NICE '92 VW Cabriolet in the Pick and Pull in Ft Worth TX. I would have driven this car it was that nice. It was complete except for wheels on the morning of 07/02/21.
  3. Nozzleman

    TDI based generator

    I have been looking at building an ALH based generator using a 21kW generator head. It sounds like Malone can write the tune to make the electronics work. There is an option of using a shaft drive head or an SAE bellhousing. One thought is using a stock flywheel, machining a disk to go in...
  4. Nozzleman

    Repurposing MKV fans Need to understand wiring

    I am re-purposing a set of MKV fans. There are 2 heavy leads that provide ground and power. There are also a small purple/yellow and blue lead that are required to make the fans run. Before I let the magic smoke out, how do these small leads tell the fans to run? Just hooking hot and ground is...
  5. Nozzleman

    dead multifunction relay x2? 03 jetta

    03 Jetta. The battery died on it due to non-use so time came to get annual safety inspection. No horn, no cruise, no radio button function. Put in battery, cleared codes and went through the trouble tree replaced fuse 5 (burned) checked all others including hidden ones checked and...
  6. Nozzleman

    2006 Jetta dash removal

    I am trying to swap the dash on a 2006 Jetta and my Bentley has yet to show up. It appears there are some bolts across the top. Radio and rack is out, glove box is out, cluster is out. Can someone fill me in on getting this thing out? I? need to replace the passenger airbag/dash pad.
  7. Nozzleman

    How to get pin retainer out of injector pump plug

    I need to replace the quantity adjuster on an ALH and need to depin the injector pump plug. I messed with the purple retainer a bit trying to get it out but thought I would ask how it releases before I risk destroying it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nozzleman

    WTB silver LF fender, bumper cover MKV Jetta TX OK

    I need a silver left front fender and the plastic nose/ bumper cover for a MKV Jetta with in a few hours of north central TX. Also might need some other parts.
  9. Nozzleman

    ALH CAN-BUS issues

    After 8 months not working on it, I finally got back on my Ranger a month or so back. Trying to make the ALH PCM (Malone stage 4) talk to the aftermarket interface (tach, glow plug etc) via CAN-BUS. I got the truck running but have an issue where the CAN-BUS shuts down after it runs for about...
  10. Nozzleman

    WTB beige/straw left rear seat bottom MK4 Jetta

    I need the drivers side rear seat bottom for a 03 Jetta. Leather beige/tan/straw color. Shipped to 76009
  11. Nozzleman

    Oil cooler thoughts?

    I was reading through the long oil cooler thread and a thought struck me. I didn't want to hijack that thread, so here goes. If we are trying to stay with the coolant to oil style cooler, can we use an automatic transmission equipped radiator and just run its cooler? Line pressure ought to be...
  12. Nozzleman

    codes after engine install-no start

    I just installed an engine in my wifes 03 Jetta after the engine I rebuilt 25K ago broke a cam. (Replaceable cam bearing done by local machine shop likely cause.) When I pulled the old engine I just draped the wires over the drivers side and do not remember giving them any trauma. The new...
  13. Nozzleman

    Left the road at 75mph

    About 3 weeks ago I am at work and my wife, kids and dog are just south of Wichita Falls TX in a 75mph zone in the right lane. A car comes up fast swerving out of the left lane hitting them in the rear, dragging the side of the car and pushing them off of the road. They left the road, went...
  14. Nozzleman

    Parting wrecked 03 Jetta TX (DFW)

    Parting black/black Jetta. It was hit in the back lightly and dragged down the left side. Rear beam bent. No engine, trans or wiring. Still have: hood trunk lid right doors left doors damaged dash and column air bags black leather interior (drivers seat bag blew) sunroof small bits Make me an...
  15. Nozzleman

    need Injection Pump Fuel Return Valve for ALH

    I need a good used Injection Pump Fuel Return Valve for a 2003 ALH.
  16. Nozzleman

    Can't pull fuel through injection pump

    I did a total engine rebuild on the 2003 Jetta. I can suck fuel to the inlet side of the injector pump no problem but cannot get it to pass through. The vacuum pump will pull 20+ in on the outlet. The injector pump had vacuum caps on all lines during the rebuild. I have power to the shutoff...
  17. Nozzleman

    WTB VNT15 or VNT17

    I need a good tight VNT15 or VNT17 to go on an ALH. Let me know what you have and price. Shipped to TX 76009. Thanks
  18. Nozzleman

    Ranger TDI Starting with a blank sheet of paper

    Little intro: Way back before build threads in 04/05 I built a '78 Ford F250 4x4 Supercab Cummins, NV4500, NP205, Dana 70/60. Build pictures are on under user name Scot. So lately, I have been doing a lot of reading about TDI Ranger swaps here and elsewhere and thought I would...