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  1. MonsterTDI09

    High intake temperatures

    On my 2010 Jetta the intake temps our high. Here is a example outside temp 75* intake is 102*. The engine temp is 190*. I cleaned out radiator and inter cooler with water, and bent the fins back on the A/c condenser. A couple time the engine stalled at a stop light. The no codes
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    Emission recall 24CV. Inlet air box.

    I guess they talking about the stop for the snow flap. I got the Diesel Geek fix for that .
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    Need help to pick a car for a collage student.

    I was looking to spend around 10K. I was looking at Honda fit, Hyundai accent, Kia Forte. Just looking another opinion or suggestions.
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    Rear bumper question.

    Is there supose a cover under the bumber were you can install a hitch?
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    VW Bus

    A 1965 21 window Bus went two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars on Barrett Jackson car auction. Check this out this it's a monster WoW...
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    The new head of the EPA This appointment might have VW re think position on TDI's in the US.
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    Big Big News from VW

    VW will announce today about a buy back program for diesel TDI for the North America market. The program will start 5/1/2015. All owners 09 and 10 TDIs will get 10K and a brand new car. This is payment for there real world testing and RD work that's a nice deal:eek: They will repair the rest...
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    Your car can be too smart.
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    RCD 510 Raido problem

    The radio doesn't come on when you start the car. In about 5 minutes it comes on works fine with no problems. Then it comes on its on some odd station I guess it's default station. Is this thing dead?
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    Happy birthday TDI Club

    19 years and counting :). Thank you Fred and to the fantastic people who keep it going. I'm still amazed at the wealth of information and the knowledge and how members are willing to help others. Tom
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    Same oil for gas and diesel

    Mobil 1 5/30 ESP said it's 507 approved. It also said it can be used for VW gas engine 504. To me this doesn't sound right. Is this oil for the Europe market? Experts chime in please.
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    Personalized Plate

    Pick the one you like. Trying to decide which one. I guess on number 4 I would need Freds permission? 1 Noo Soot 2 DZL Car 3 DZL Only 4 TDI Club
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    Cop having a bad morning.
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    test test
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    Ford has a recall 1.3M cars and trucks
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    Fiat loose $14000 on each 500e sold

    The CEO of Fiat Chrysler said he hopes that people don’t buy his company’s electric car
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