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    Storage compartment in the front doesn't close. Why?

    I have the same issue on a New to Me 2011 Golf. I would love to see a homebrew fix, I'm also thinking magnets. I'm curious how it's supposed to work, I'll have to check out a friends Golf to compare. Anyone have the Part Number for this?
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    Old TDI Seeks New Home - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I own an old 2 Door, Automatic, Flash Red, Golf 99.5, built in Germany. The car has seen better days, and it's time to move on to a newer vehicle. So before it goes to a junk yard, I'm looking for interested parties who might want to take it for a restoration project. Lets chat, and I can share...
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    Electrical Reset just before Ignition ??

    Wow a fried dashboard would definetly suck !! Well I have to get the winter tires put on, so maybe a battery test or new battery will be in order as well.
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    Electrical Reset just before Ignition ??

    I started my car normally after a cold day in the parking lot, and a split second before the engine started I heard a click, my guages went blank, the Clock and Trip Meter reset themselves, then the car started normally. I turned it off for a minute after arriving home and restarted it with...
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    Crutchfeild Canada

    I just received a surprise Catalog in the mail today for Crutchfield Canada, apparently the U.S. Electronics Store now has a Canadian arm, shipping stuff out of Ontario. Just thought I would let everyone know. Cheers
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    Mobil 1 5W-50 (VW 505.0)

    It's hard to find anything 5W-40 around Toronto, I think you can still buy Delvac by the case (4 x 4L) from one large supplier, and there's a shop North West of the city selling Elf in 5L jugs, but that's about it. Lately I've been getting Elf 5W-40 from the barrel at my local garage, for about...
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    Mobil 1 5W-50 (VW 505.0)

    Good point on the thickness and fuel economy, the funny part is it's the easiest oil for me to get right now, although I am hoping to be able to get the Elf 5W-40 again, just having an issue with the place I normally buy it. It's interesting though that this oil has never been discussed here...
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    Mobil 1 5W-50 (VW 505.0)

    So dieseldorf, any thoughts both your PDF and the link I posted verify that it indeed meets the VW 505.0 Spec, is it overkill. I drive 65km per day for work, mainly highway with some stop and go, and tend to change oil about every 14000km. Some would say it can't hurt, but I worry about going...
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    Mobil 1 5W-50 (VW 505.0)

    So I was at Part Source today looking for oil, and I saw Mobil 1 5W-50, and I thought intersting what does the back say and surprisingly it had a "VW 505.0" certification. I just looked it up over at Mobil Australia
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    Visiting Toronto

    Some Toronto Websites Here are some non mainstream websites you might find usefull ...
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    Auto Key Cutting

    Key Cutting Anyone know a good locksmith store in the Aurora Newmarket general area? I need to get a key cut for my Wife's Hyundai, and I'm thinking of buying a switcblade blank off of Ebay, but I want a shop that will cut it right the first time since I will only have the one blank.
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    Slipping Automatic Transmission Maybe ??

    New Clutch, Seals, Valve Body and Speed Sensor, Oh yeah, havn't gotten the bill yet but I'm sure it's going to be ugly. I just want my car back, I'd much rather be a driver rather than a passenger.
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    Slipping Automatic Transmission Maybe ??

    Oh The Pain So burning fluid and a transmission that won't engage when cold, that can't be good! Well the tranny is being pulled and going to see a specialist, who will hopefully fix whatever is screwed up so I can get the car back on the road, ofcourse this will most likely cost somewhere...
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    Slipping Automatic Transmission Maybe ??

    Very recent fluid change, with no problems for at least 2 months after the change. As of today the 2nd>3rd slipping continues and now slipping between 3rd>4th. 4th would not catch most of my 30km drive to work, can't wait to drive home. Just got a price of $1000 for the Valve Body, is there an...
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    Slipping Automatic Transmission Maybe ??

    No codes, checked by me and the shop, takes about 50km (45 min) worth of driving before it starts slipping, the Voodoo was Lucas Transmission conditioner, not sure if it's helped, 200km later and it definetly still slips, just slightly less consistently. Shop says next step would be to replace...
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    Slipping Automatic Transmission Maybe ??

    No Cel had it in the shop, they added some tranny fix and topped it up with some mercedez tranny fluid, I'm going to run it for a few days and how things turn out. the anoying part is that it only hapens after 30 or 40 minutes of driving. Anyhow thanks for the post.
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    Slipping Automatic Transmission Maybe ??

    Electrical Shifting Issue - Relay 109 ?? First off can an automatic slip? In the past few days with no apparent pattern, my car has gone from driving normally to what feels like neutral for a few seconds and then right back to normal, usually between 40 and 60km/h. I instantly take my foot off...
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    Parking brake cable replacement, step by step

    Parking Brake Cable Adjustment Question I had my cables replaced about a year and a half ago, and for some reason the Stealership that did the work, set one side slightly tighter, so it doesn't release all the way to the stop, it's a small gap that up until yesterday never caused any trouble...
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    No Sunoco Gold Diesel In GTA - August 19th

    Last Saturday I noticed that a number of Gold Diesel Pumps were shut off around the GTA, I asked one station in Vaughn, but couldn't really figure out what he was trying to say, except that all the GTA stations were the same. So anyone know what was going on? I have to fill up again tonight and...
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    JCB Dieselmax Car Sets Diesel Engine Land Speed Record

    A car built by JCB has broken the Diesel Engine Land Speed Record after reaching 328.767mph (529km/h).