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  1. MrMopar

    Hugo Chavez's car

    Let me get this straight: the best car you an afford to drive is a old-school VW Beetle?
  2. MrMopar

    New car unaffordable to Middle Class

    I've spent about a decade saying that all the new government mandated safety equipment (and other options) was eventually going to push cars into being unaffordable for the average American. And here we are:
  3. MrMopar

    Tesla S: A Most Peculiar Test Drive

    So, even if you are a New York Times reporter, you probably shouldn't badmouth a car when they have GPS data logging to tell that you are lying:
  4. MrMopar

    3M headlight film

    Does anyone have good things to say about 3M headlight protection film? Last summer I managed to wreck my Hyundai Accident to the tune of $4,700. This was from an accident at about 6 MPH and despite the major damage I still managed to get my insurance premiums LOWERED by about 40% after the...
  5. MrMopar

    EverStart Maxx batteries from Wal-Mart any good?

    Had to get a new battery for my Hyundai. Wal-Mart was the lowest price by far, $79.99 for 600cca with a 3 year free replacement warranty. Do these batteries stack up to any of the competition?
  6. MrMopar

    Suzuki exits the USA *edit* Oh, wait, they are permanently exiting the USA and not selling cars here any longer. My thread title is incorrect.
  7. MrMopar

    Consumer Reports "reliability" rankings?

    Latest flim-flam from Consumer Reports: "The rankings, released Monday, predict the reliability of 2013 model-year vehicles based on surveys of Consumer Reports'...
  8. MrMopar

    Fastest Speed Limit in America Going 10mph over the limit brings real speeds close to 100mph. Not a problem for modern cars, but being West Texas I just picture a 1985 GMC pickup doing this speed . . .
  9. MrMopar

    Massachusetts Right to Repair ballot measure

    Things are heating up a bit here. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  10. MrMopar

    Ford C-Max Hybrid

    So Ford is still not going to bring any diesel to the USA?
  11. MrMopar

    Tetraethyl Lead

    So, my supplier of leaded gasoline for my motorcycle has dried up. Does anyone here have suggestions about where to get tetraethyl lead additive for gasoline?
  12. MrMopar

    Bench seats gone from cars

    The 2014 Chevy Impala is dropping the bench seat option. Does anyone here care?
  13. MrMopar

    1929 Ford Tri-Motor

    I filmed this yesterday. It is *generally* automotive related since Ford is involved. :D
  14. MrMopar

    Nice truck
  15. MrMopar

    GM halts Volt production . . . again Now would be a good time to quietly end production of the Volt, period.
  16. MrMopar

    Chevy Volt lease is a steal Combine a cheap lease with carpool lane access in California and I will wager that there are quite a few people that have no problem paying a relatively small sum to bypass traffic jams.
  17. MrMopar

    New CAFE rule will change the way industry operates
  18. MrMopar

    Mazda production exiting USA I honestly was not aware that Mazda made any of their cars in the US.
  19. MrMopar

    How to Change Cars Forever
  20. MrMopar

    Air Cooling vs. Water Cooling

    Which is more reliable? I only ask this question because of constant ignorance I run across with my motorcycle. I've got a BMW K100RS (water-cooled 4 cylinder). I get into discussions with a lot of other cyclists I meet, mostly people riding Harley Davidson but sometimes a lot of the Japanese...