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  1. vw4life

    Passat B5.5 Wagon Westfalia Euro Hitch $350 USD - Vancouver, Canada

    Bumping this up. Would love to make a deal with someone in AB, BC, WA that wants a euro hitch for their B5.5 FWD Wagon.
  2. vw4life

    B5.5 wagon Westphalia Euro hitch

    Please see my post with photos in the forsale section.
  3. vw4life

    Passat B5.5 Wagon Westfalia Euro Hitch $350 USD - Vancouver, Canada

    Selling my Westfalia Euro hitch for a B5.5 Passat Wagon FWD only. Includes Thule 3 bike rack and two key locks. This stuff is heavy. Originating Canadian Post code is V3M 3C3. Please investigate shipping charges from your end. Willing to discuss local deal with BC, AB, and Wa residents. $350...
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  12. vw4life

    B5.5 wagon Westphalia Euro hitch

    i am selling a westfalia hitch complete set up for a Passat B5.5 wagon including a Thule euro hitch bike rack.
  13. vw4life

    Bosal euro detachable hitch install... PICS

    So I realize now that this was posted in the generic upgrades and not the B5.5 forum so I want to make it clear than this is indeed available in the Vancouver area. I have a euro Thule ball mount bike rake that goes with it and the westfalia hitch is slightly more elegant that boast and this...
  14. vw4life

    Bosal euro detachable hitch install... PICS

    My former Passat was just traded and I removed the westfalia euro hitch to sell it. I am located in the Vancouver Canada area. Shipping could be significant. PM me and let’s talk on email.
  15. vw4life

    B5.5 wagon Westphalia Euro hitch

    So it looks like my Passat TDI wagon is going to be traded. It has a Westphalia euro hitch that I could scavenge off the car if there is some one interested. This hitch is in Vancouver bc Canada and I am willing to work with you to get it to you if it’s worth both our time. Let me know with a...
  16. vw4life

    Camshaft symptoms?

    Which version glow plugs do you have? 1) orig fragile ceramics 2) replacement steel plugs 3) updated ceramic plugs?
  17. vw4life

    Camshaft symptoms?

    Anyone have a hint on the best obd11 app for iPhone and VW with a wifi dongle?
  18. vw4life

    Camshaft symptoms?

    No but I do have a wifi obd11 dongle for our leaf so I will see if I can get an app for the VW.
  19. vw4life

    Camshaft symptoms?

    Interesting Dan. I have done 505.01 oil changes every 10,000 km. My glow plugs are the steel version. Perhaps if we can pinpoint a diagnosis we can get both vehicles repaired I'm not sure I can diy this.
  20. vw4life

    Camshaft symptoms?

    Thanks for the responses so far. Pulling the valve cover is not something that I want to do so I will have to consult my mechanic on this