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    Pre-Dieselgate Warranty Expiry Scan

    Interesting article that perked my request for a VCDS scan before the dieselgate warranty expires. Anyone nearby to Durham Region to help?
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    Princess Auto - Whitby Relocation Sale

    Heads up, PA is relocating from their old location in Whitby to the other side of Thickson in the old Ikea location. I was told the old location will serve as a clearance outlet for a few weeks once they move i.e., Wk1 20%, Wk2 40%, Wk3 80% Time to pick up some hardware nik naks
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    LF: Rear Coil Spring Jetta Golf

    Looking for a rear coil spring for a 2014 Jetta Sedan Part Number: 1K0511115BE 1 White & 2 Yellow Marks Same coil spring fits: Volkswagen Beetle 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Volkswagen Eos 2013, 2014...
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    Are all DCT Fluids ok for DSG?

    Looking to use Fuchs Titan DCTF in a DSG but Fuchs removed the VW rating on their latest bottles?
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    Fuchs Titan DCTF No Longer VW rated for DSG?

    I was looking at the Fuchs Titan DCTF Fluid for a DSG fluid change but the bottle no longer carries the VW G 052 182 Rating? Any reason for concern?
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    2018 New GMC Terrain FWD Diesel $31K Tax In

    Just wondering if there are any local opinions on the 2018 GMC Terrain FWD Diesel My brother picked one up from the GMC dealer in Oshawa for $31,XXX tax in. Its new with only 7 kms on it. Its the SLE model with the 1.6 litre Isuzu Diesel engine, power tailgate, push start, keyless entry etc.
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    Creaky after Gen 1 Fix Advice

    After driving the 2014 Jetta after the Gen 1 Fix however I noticed a creaky scraping scratching noise at the front end when going over speed humps. Also the foil pouch under the middle of the car seems to be a little lower then the rest of the car. Anyone else notice this in their fixed cars...
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    VWCanada - Advance private screening BUMBLEBEE

    Volkswagen Canada Free Advance private screening BUMBLEBEE Select your local theatre from the drop down list. Going this Weds to Ajax Cineplex.
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    Parts Avatar

    Was looking for wiper blades for my 2014 Jetta. Usually buy them from Autocamping but came across Parts Avatar in Brampton where they had Bosch Clear Advantage wiper blades for approx $7 each. Partsource sells them for $21 each.
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    US Diesel Ok Now?

    Going down to Buffalo for a couple of days. Is the diesel in the US now days given the HPFP issues in the past for the last generation of VW Diesels? Thx
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    Any member Burlington/Hamilton to East GTA?

    I was wondering if any member is going from Burlington/Hamilton to East GTA? I was looking to get a fan from Burlington/Hamilton to East GTA. Thanks in advance.
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    LF: VW Alloy Wheel Centre Cap

    Looking for a VW Alloy Wheel Center Cap Some douch stole one off of my Jetta at Costco in Ajax today. Part Number: 3B7601171XRW ; 3B7601171; 3B7601171BXF Same part goes back to 1990. Replacement Center Caps for large number of Genuine Volkswagen Factory and Accessory Wheels with exposed...
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    Any member near Owen Sound?

    Looking is a member can help to pick up some weathertech mats in the Owen Sound area as I am located in the GTA. Thanks
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    2011 Jetta Write Off Before Buyback!

    Well my 2011 Jetta Highline got written off before I could get the VW buyback. Some b*tch ran a red light when my wife was driving. She's fine. My insurance company wrote it off saying its $13K in repairs. I wanted to buy it back to drop it off at VW of Canada - no dice. Negotiated the payout...
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    Paintless Dent Removal Recommendation

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a Paintless Dent Removal person? Some douche made a door ding dent on my rear door. I remember a TDIclub member did this work also. Thanks
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    OT - Waterloo to GTA Anyone?

    Hi, Any member in the Waterloo area that comes to the GTA? I am looking at buying a lawn mower and wondering if anyone comes to the GTA often from Waterloo (near Wellesley)? Thanks!
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    Save 5cents a litre at Esso

    Esso is running a Xmas promo if you buy a $50 or $100 gift card you get a 5 cents savings card off 100 litres or 200 litres. Plus Aeroplan or Esso Extra points on the fuel purchase.
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    VW Dieselgate Humour

    So funny
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    2009 TDI Wagon $4,500

    No affiliation with the seller
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    Save 2 cents a litre - Celebrate the TORONTO 2015 Games at Esso stations

    Esso is offering 2 cents off a litre of fuel for PanAm games to compensate for the delays due to the HOV lanes and extra traffic. If anyone wants an Aeroplan number to save the 2 cents a litre let me know Celebrate the TORONTO 2015 Games at Esso stations Swipe your Esso Extra or Aeroplan®...