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    Cabrio/TDI Swap

    Hey Uberhare! Cheers on the Coors! Can you show how you mounted the clutch master cylinder? This is one of the big things I am looking for on my swap.
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    Uberhare, that is quite a large amount of work. How does it look?
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    So I have been looking around ALOT, and am closer to locating some essential parts for the swap. I have found a CE2 Jetta that is being partially parted out. I can pillage the harness from there. Found a local VW wrecker with some AMAZING cars; LIMITLESS watercooled buses, it was crazy. But I...
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    I have a idea? Might sound crazy Mustang Hybrid?

    Moosejaw how serious are you about dropping a diesel in a mustang? And what year of car are you talking about? I am really curious about this one...
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    Gotcha. I need a MKII CE2 harness.
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    I have changed out the suspension to Corrado SLC parts. Control arms, spindles, tie rods, rear beam, and brakes. And I wanted to change the wiring to CE2. I was told that by doing the swap it would be plug and play. In the long run it would be better to swap the harness as well.
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    So, I am trying to allocate the parts required to finish this swap. I have come upon a couple of MKIII Jettas for really low prices. My thoughts were using these as parts cars. They are gassers but, they should have some of the big parts that I need to finish the swap. However I have a few...
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    Supercharged Diesel

    That thing ROCKS! How long have you been building it? Any more pictures? What IDI injectors are you running? Any pump mods? Have you dyno'ed it? GREAT JOB!
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    I have a idea? Might sound crazy Mustang Hybrid?

    Great Idea! One that I have given much, MUCH thought to. I work on Mustangs all day long, classic or brand new. Moosejaw is correct when he is talking about the Mustang platform from 1979-2004. It is one of the most modifiable platform out on the marketplace today. And when I say that I am...
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    vw tdi kit car

    I can't believe it is actually coming together... It's honestly quite impressive! Great job Mark! LOOK:
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    vw tdi kit car

    I am so excited about this! I saw FFR's 33' roadster at SEMA, what a great kit! I am a big fan of this coming to fruition. FASTBACK PLEASE!
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    Thanks again G60ing. I unfortunately haven't had the proper fund to finish my parts collection for the conversion.
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    TDI Conversions: Build Threads and Links to Swap Discussions

    Hahaha! Further Proof that G60ing is da MAN! Thanks man for all your great support!
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    Another MK1 Rabbit Truck TDI project!

    Dude your truck is in GREAT shape! Good choice for a swap!
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    a-1 to t.d.i. engine / trans mounts

    I do believe that is what he means. I would like to know as well. I got an 82 GTI that is beggin' for it.
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    A better foundation will enable a better finished product. I hear ya. I just have to get something good and reliable as a DD while I do this swap.
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    1Z Into a 1986 Golf Diesel

    Here's a big update. I have come to the conclusion that My MkII is in too good of shape to perform the swap. In addition, I don't have another DD to use in place of the car when the MkII is down for the conversion. One thing has lead to another, and this is the car that I will be swapping the...
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    90 Golf TDI conversion

    DO THE FIVE BOLT! I did the Corrado Suspension and Brakes and it ROCKS! It gives you a bit wider of a track and the brakes are AWESOME! And I love the BBS's!
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    Scirocco TDI

    Bout time one of these swaps was done! SWEET! Good luck dude!
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    Dark Horse

    Perhaps better pictures of the mounts themselves? The ones on the K-Member and on the engine block