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    Official Ontario stuff for sale thread

    I"m looking for muffler delete pipe for mk6 golf tdi. Saw buzzken and rawtek, but don't really feel like spending $500 on a brand new one.
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    Lost my wheel lock Key

    Tx Amit. I had to drill mine off and I am good now. I am looking for a mk6 golf TDI muffler delete pipe for a little cheaper than buzzken or rawtek. Anyone have a used one they'd like to sell?
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    Lost my wheel lock Key

    Hey guys. I needed to replace my brakes and realized that I've misplaced my wheel lock key. Ive searched everywhere for it, but to no avail. I tried to get them off by hammering a 12-point socket, but its stuck because the wheel locks have a flange that just spins. I've called the dealer and...
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    Shop for DPF delete and tune

    Hi Erack. Its Andre. You did my dpf delete 2 summers ago. Silver MK6. After doing all the research I could possibly do about the DPF delete, Erack's advice saved me a few bucks on the piping, and did top quality work. I vouch for Erack and his work.
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    DPF delete and Stage 2 tune

    Hey guys, I got a couple questions about Malone Tuning. I have sent Malone 2 emails and they havn't gotten back to me in over a week. Im waiting for answers before I order any components for my track-only vehicle. If I wanna do the tune myself, will I have to buy my own Flashzilla, or can I...
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    cjaa stage 2

    Hey Erack. I just ordered a straightpipe from Buzzken. I am looking to install it myself or for a shop to do it cheap. Where did you get yours installed?
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    Looking for a ride in a Malone tuned CR......

    Hey guys. I just ordered the buzzken exhaust straight pipe and looking for someone to install. I have all the tools and place to do it but am hesitant to tackle on my own. I'm looking for a shop to do it, or someone to help me if they are free one weekend...? I can pay for labor of course...
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    Looking for a ride in a Malone tuned CR......

    I"m interested as well. I live in markham/scarborough area.
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    Another RCD 510 Premium 8 died

    Sorry to hear. Wanna buy my RNS 510 with Navigation antenna? If so, PM me.
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    5382 RNS-510 Navigation Firmware Upgrade

    All of a sudden my rns510 unit is asking for navigation CD. Even when listening to my radio. Can more than on person use the CD?
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    5382 RNS-510 Navigation Firmware Upgrade

    I'm looking as well. I'm in toronto
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    best mechanic/ shop for exhaust work Southern Ontario??/APOLOGY

    Hey all, I was inquiring about the same thing. I wanna go with RAWTEC full turboback and malone stage 2 tune. I have been looking for used parts here in ontario and couldn't find any. Does anyone have any leads as to where I could get this done and where i could possible find a used downpipe?
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    Looking for place to fix Downpipe/Flexpipe 2.0 City Jetta

    Hey guys. I'm new the forum. I just bought a 2011 golf tdi and was looking into the dpf and egr delete kit by rawtek along with a malone eco tune. Are there any other options besides rawtek? I tried contacting the guy on kijiji that sells tdi exhaust parts but he hasn't gotten back to me. I...