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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Are you still a TDI Guru? Your link is more or less dead. frank
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    Charging about 1/2 to 3/4 volt low

    Thanks, everyone. Based on everything written, I've grown comfortable with the readings. I'll continue to monitor - and drive more and worry less. :wink
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    Charging about 1/2 to 3/4 volt low

    I doubt a slipping belt, too. Swapping the battery is a no-go due to the gross size differences in the batteries. No, a branded battery from the dealer - just like the previous one. The car has 250 on the clock, the alternator roughly 50k I will re-check the connections - no I did not go to...
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    VW and others ask Trump to lower EPA regulations

    Fair question. IMO, P.Trump never promised to roll back the VW decision. That has been litigated. It has run its course through the courts. Most of the difficult parts have been worked out - on paper. There is still "the fix", and that clock is ticking. Unfortunately the tail, CARB, is and...
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    VW and others ask Trump to lower EPA regulations

    Sorry, folks. That dead horse has left the barn. This from one keeping the TDI... and loving it.
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    Charging about 1/2 to 3/4 volt low

    Doesn't sound like much, but the difference between 13.5v and 14.0 volts could mean the car could leave me stranded. The car used to charge in the 14.2v range. My other cars charge in the 14v range, checked using the same meter. After replacing battery, (and fully charging it) I never see more...
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    Tried to visit my buybacked Tdi today.

    No, not a German stalag. A US POW camp (car-park) for the war crimes against the environment, political correctness, and all humanity. The big VW sign outside those locked high fences are to tell others who is imprisoned there, and that the peoples' car is in fact a criminal and those loyal...
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    Is any one keeping their TDI

    Nailed it. Keeping it.
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    camless OHV engines!

    Detroit diesels are two-strokes and also have OHV and camshafts. Pretty efficient, too. As was stated, F1 has been using pneumatic valve systems for years. The options for what it can do for valve timing and power/efficiency over rev and load ranges is mind blowing.
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    Another plus for EVs

    And just how long does it take to charge to go 50 miles? Might make better time on a bicycle.
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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    Should have done this as a poll...
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    DMF Designs

    Isn't the OEM DMF a LUK product?
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    Who is keeping their TDI and not fixing it?

    What? Did I do a Rip van Winkle? Did they come up with a fix yet? Did I sleep through that announcement? If not, ALL of us who are keeping their TDI will not be getting the fix.
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    Ideas for spending dealer "goodwill" money?

    Got a 2014 Sportwagen and would love a paddle-shift steering wheel!
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    Withdrew from class action, suing as an individual

    Wow. I can't see the cause and effect here. You're saying that if it were in a regen, you couldn't change lanes? I have to be missing something
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    Today's WSJ Article

    Or a golf club, baseball bat, gas-powered cutoff saw, jaws of life... A drill hole is easily repairable with a little weld, a little bondo...
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    Withdrew from class action, suing as an individual

    I don't get it. My windmill-tilting days are over.
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    1995 Dodge Caravan TDI...maybe, it's time to move on

    Now, why couldn't a US automaker actually make one of these? Exactly what I need - good FE and a manual, and actual cargo SPACE? Why is this too much to ask of a new auto in the US? (sigh)
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    CP3 Pump Install Experiments.**Big Picts**

    No, computers repeat the programming mistakes reliably. ;)