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    97 Passat TDi Sedan for sale Milwaukee WI

    I'm selling my 97 Passat TDi with 180k on it. Pictures at The good: TC's all around replaced about 30k or so ago. Brake pads and rotors done about 15k. The car is rust free and the interior is clean and rip free. One year old alloys with good rubber. Brand new JVC mp3 CD...
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    Beware of Milwaukee WI Goodyear shop (Port Washington Road

    Just had my wife take my TDi to get aligned (I had to work) and they changed us 90 bucks and said they got it "as close as they can" stating that it couldn't be any better. They questioned if it was in an accident because there was a lot of new parts! I replaced, both control arms, a tie rod...
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    Safely Home

    So Jason and I drove though the night, almost made a wrong turn which would have had us take the bridge into MI instead of our route though the U.P. which would have added hours to the trip. Not bad time either, left at about 11pm and arrived in Milwaukee at 7:30 PM last night. I hope...
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    B100 Available in Milwaukee WI

    Hello Everyone, I recently had a 250 gallon tote delivered to my home to see what kind of interest it will generate in the Milwaukee area. This is quality tested, inspected, road tax paid B100. I have been running B100 in my Jetta and B80 in my Volvo with great results. I am just starting...
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    Anyone find my camera!

    Hello everyone. I had a great time at the fest as I posted under the thank you but I was wondering if anyone found a camera on Sunday. My last picture was of the Diesel Geek skid plate setup next to his car. Then I ran out of space on the memory card because I took so many pictures on...
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    New B20 Bio-Diesel pumps in Colorado!

    Hello everyone, I had the pleasure of attending the bio-diesel conf. in Carbondale Colorado a week or so back. I also drove John Long back to the Front Range. John is the founder of Blue Sun Bio Diesel ( and it a really good guy. Anyway anyone interested in filling up via a...
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    No A/C - Engine code related?

    Hey everyone. Got a question the book isn't helping too much with so here i am. I have a 2002 Jetta TDi (of course) and the A/C doesn't work anymore. The light comes on when I hit the switch but the air doesn't blow cold. I had to replace the MAF a few months back and since then I get an...
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    Factory GLS Alloys and BadYears FS

    Well, they will be if the right price can be met. These are factory GLS Alloys. They came, oddly enough, on my 02 Jetta GLS. They were used for about 2k miles before winter hit and are in perfect condition. I am selling in hopes to find a set of black alloy wheels to go with my completely...
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    Where to get sunroof visor?

    Anyone know of a place to get a sunroof visor (or whatever they are called) other than the steeler? They want a fortune for that little piece of plastic. I can see why, opening the sun roof anything but a crawl on my Jetta makes that cool presure change sound! It must stop! Someone else must...
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    wrecked Passat Wagon TDI on Ebay

    Item number 1809450792 Looks like one hell of a crash but someone could snag a decent engine for cheap. Just an FYI TDiTony
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    Thank you Upsolute (and Garrett)

    Well people, I know this subject has been beating to death BUT I got to give another plug for Upsolute! Garrett chipped my 02 Jetta (5-speed) on Friday. I haven't posted anything since then because I have been too busy driving If anyone is considering chipping but is wondering if it is...
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    Redline fuel treatment

    Hello again. I was running for parts at the local Checkers this weekend and noticed they now carry Redline Diesel treatment. I have used their products on the race cars and in several of my gas rides. It cleans up injectors very nicely. Has anyone used the Redline stuff yet? Saw quite a few...
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    Red i Or was that EYE

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a TDI as did a friend of mine (he traded a Q-45 in on his, think of the smile he has now). We are both looking for the Red I logo for our TDI's. Anyone know where something like that can be purchased? Also, if anyone has a moment. How tough is it to get...