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    2005 Passat B5.5 with bad trans (central IL)

    I'm done with my Passat TDI wagon. Here is the link to my Facebook Market Place add. $3000 obo.
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    Getting diesel in my engine oil?

    Tools and difficulty? Are there specialty tools needed? Difficulty level? How to's? I've done timing belts, turbos, injectors, etc on my old 96 and 01, but not been inside this one. I've seen the fuel injector install kits for all four injectors that has the bolts and seals for $120 (ID...
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    Getting diesel in my engine oil?

    I've got a B5.5 BHW Passat that is getting diesel in the oil. The oil level goes up about 1/2-3/4" in a 1k miles. The engine starts and runs great with no smoking, so not a leaky injector. I first thought it was coming from the tandem pump, so I changed it twice and no change. The only other...
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    1996 Passat B4V wagon.

    Sold for $4200 to a friend of mine. Was asking $5k. Was in very good shape inside and out. Had 290k miles and got 47 mpg. Front wheel bearing and alignment new, tires were 70% and included like new snow tires on steel rims. Just a couple spots of surface rust. Timing belt was due.
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    2005 Passat B5.5 wagon.

    This is my ad.
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    1996 Passat B4V wagon.

    Sold. This is my ad.
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    Winter tires or all-season ones?

    The thing with winter tires is that the rubber compound is designed to work at 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 Celsius) and below. When you use them above that temperature, the rubber compound becomes soft and you loose traction and accelerate tire wear. So, if you have any extended time where the...
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    Another fueling problem.

    My wife's 05 wagon has the long crank problem after sitting over night again. I've gone through everything and appears the tandem pump is letting it drain back again. I changed it a little over a year ago and it lasted about 8 months before it started the problem again. Here is my possible...
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    Where to get nut for shift cable?

    I have already upgraded to a stainless steel short shift bracket from Gruven, so I think I will just weld the nut in for now. Thanks for all the replies. Chuck
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    Where to get nut for shift cable?

    Thanks Ketchup. I'll check with them.
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    Where to get nut for shift cable?

    I like the idea of swapping it all out, but unfortunately, none of the yards within about 200 miles have any VWs to pull from. Older VWs are few and far between in my area. I will probably just end up pulling the tower and tack welding it. Thanks for all the replies.
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    Rear wiper motor for 96 B4V?

    Need the rear wiper motor for my '96 B4V. There are no junkyards around me that has any VW stuff, and can't seem to find any online. Anyone have a good used one, or know where I can order one? Thanks, Chuck
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    Where to get nut for shift cable?

    Might have to do that. I have a generic nut on there now, just afraid it will vibrate loose and fall out going down the road. You probably removed the bracket to tack it?
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    Where to get nut for shift cable?

    Anyone know where to get the "captured" nut for the shift cable up on the transmission for my '96 B4V? The PO had "modified" how the shift cable was mounted to the linkage up on the transmission, but now I'm having some shifter issues and would like to get it back like it's supposed to be, but...
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    no drivers side low beam?

    My drivers side low beam headlight is out on my 96 B4V. The car has the euro light switch and glass headlights. The high beam works. Fuses are good and there is power on both sides of the fuse when the switch is turned on. All connections at the bulk connector on the headlight assembly are...
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    Wanted: Broken or Needing Work TDI Cars

    Just posted my 02 Jetta for $1000. Has a bad auto trans. Rest of car is solid. Has 242K.
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    2002 Jetta TDI $1000