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    '09 Jetta Wagon TPMS location?

    Wondering if someone knows that location of the TPMS control box on a '09 Jetta Wagon? I've ticked every box to turn it off with the VCDS but it does not give up. I was just going to unplug it.
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    '09 Jetta TDI to B6 Passat

    I know people have done this. Seems to me like it should be a plug and play kind of swap. With a full donor car this is dead easy, right? Jetta getting a bit too rusty. :(
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Had the car running the other day with the hood up. Seemed to be making more of a racket then usual. I was suspecting that the BSM was staring to go. I have 300K on the car. I dropped the pan, from what I can see without digging too much deeper the BSM looks good. The chain looks fine, the...
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    Motomaster 507.00 spec oil

    Came across Motomaster branded 507 oil on sale. It was like $17.50 a 5l jug. Not sure who's oil it is but seems like a steal.
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    blown turbo on my '09 Jetta

    Way home from work on Friday, as I was passing someone I lost power. GLowplug light started flashing. Made it home and ran the codes. Got a P0299 boost pressure outside control limits, or something like that. checked all the hoses, hoping it was an easy fix. From the whistling noise, I'm...
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    GTA Dealer recommendation - Emissions fix

    Looking for a recommendation for which dealer to use for the Emission fix. I've been holding off doing it on my '09. But the time has come, particle filter light is on. I've tried forcing the regen with VagCom but it doesn't clear it. Got a long drive ahead of me on Monday, maybe somewhere in...
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    Tiguan TDI

    Would a European wiring harness work for a CBEA swap into a Tiguan? I believe the loom is for a 4motion. but at the end of the day a 5 speed DSG transmission should shift the same. I would be swaping engine and transmission from the Jetta so it would be a FWD. Ebay wiring harness
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    rebuilt transmission

    Picked up what I think is a rebuilt transmission from a scrapped car. The torque converter had Oct 2017 stamped on it, and the transmission housing had C.A.C. stamped into it in a bunch of places. Anyone know who CAC would be? I installed it last week. Seems good although I haven't taken it...
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    Spare tire size

    Bought a 2015 Passat from a used car dealer. These numb nuts put a 15" Spare in the back. 195/65/15 Besides the tire size being wrong I'm pretty sure it wouldn't clear the calipers in the front. Does the Passat normally come with a donut or a full size spare?
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    Smashed Jetta Sportwagon KY

    Was heading down to Florida on Aug 1. Got hit doing 70mph on I-75 just outside of Lexington in the drivers door, then spun. The driver that hit us told me there was debris on the road (I'm assuming that he was try to avoid). By the time the cops got there he had time to think about it and told...
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    Rebuilt title on '09 TDI

    I have a Jetta that I bought from a salvage company it now has a rebuilt title. I was wondering if anyone has any experience applying for the "fix" with rebuilt title and bill of sale from a salvage company? Officially the rules say I'm not eligible for the fix. I haven't tried yet.
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    Emissions recall on '09 Jetta - rebuilt

    Just curious if anyone knows. I have a '09 that I'm pretty sure is not eligible for the payout because of the rebuilt title. But I was wondering would they still do the emissions fix on it? Is it an official "recall"? I think they should, I know safety related recalls are done regardless of title.
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    Returned TDIs Stolen from yard

    About 60 Returned TDI were stolen, re-titled and put up for sale.
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    Need a receipt for a MK5 fender and Bumper cover

    Bought a salvage '09 Jetta a while back, fixed it but it was just parked in my driveway for almost a year. going through the process of getting it registered but my receipts from the scrap yard don't have VINs on them. they won't do structural inspection without it. Anyone have a receipt for...
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    Truck load of TDIs heading east on the QEW

    Saw a load of returned TDIs going to heaven. What are they going to do with all of them?
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    Recaro Highback kids booster seat saw it in their flyer. If any of you have young kids and need a booster. It's kinda neat to have a Recaro branded booster seat. Price is not bad either $85. don't see it on there website.
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    Glow Plug #1 stays on

    Not sure if anyone has had this before. I keep burning out GLow plug #1. Replaced the GP relay, still the same. Any ideas where to look next. Testing power at the relay and it seems GP 1 has power on all the time.
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    MK3 Jetta TDI $750 - Toronto 1999, Loaded with all options. Sunroof/heated seats/power everything. Runs good, my daily driver for the last 4 years. Body is getting a bit rough and would be best as a parts car Unknown mileage, I...
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    MK3 Golf Wagon Syncro

    Pretty common in Europe, but this is the first one I've seen in Ontario. When I first walked by I thought someone put a Golf front end on a B3 Passat.