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    2013 jetta door lock failure

    I just bought a 2013 jetta 2.5 too fix up (i really am a tdi guy, was a great price), when i lock with the key fob the alarm sets but none of the doors lock, the red light on drivers door comes on and there is clicking in the dash. same thing with opening, just turns off the alarm light...
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    wtb alh timing belt tools-monteal

    Interested in a set (not chinese amazon crap) so I can change my head gasket and maybe do a timing belt down the road, if price is right :) Might be able to have shipped in USA to a friends place in vermont. Thanks
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    coolant resevoir leaking

    My 01 ve alh got some major work last week, new timing belt kit, 11mm pump and a stage 3 malone tune, the difference with my other upgrades is amazing, it really goes like stink. Now the problem, I was on a long drive the other day and almost home when my coolant light came on, I didn't overheat...
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    Bilstien B6 upgrade problem

    Hi, I have a 01 jetta (can/usa edition) and have the bilstien HD front struts, Ive been working on them today to change the rubber mounts and bearings, I'm thinking something was not right to begin with. 1st I have my strut and then install my compressed spring, then the plate that holds the...
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    WTB metalnerd slide hammer alh injectors montreal

    I need too pull 2 sets of injectors, 1 set at kenny ($8.20 ea) to rebuild and maybe mine if I dont find a garage to install them. Open for any deal
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    wtb 01 jetta tdi auto transmission Quebec-bought

    Hopefully something with low mileage, car has only 120 K Kms