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    Spring breakage

    I have had both front springs break over time. They break about 2" from the bottom end and just lay in the strut next to the spring. This doesn't cause much drama because the bottom end of the spring is still well supported. Am I alone on this issue??
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    rear end clunk

    recent loud clunk
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    A4 is self locking

    My 2002 TDI locked itself while I was outside. This has happened before, but I never had the doors shut with the key on the dash. Damn, havent done this before. Luckly the hatch lock is broken so I could crawl thru the back. Is there a way to scrap this self locking feature??
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    mice eating wiring

    I recently had an EPC code on the dash. To the dealer I went thinking it was a warantee issue. They said it was mice eating the wiring coating [which is now soy coated]. I got it back $450 later. They said to put clothes dryer sheets in the cab.??? What could I put under the hood that will work...
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    EPC code

    I had an EPC code just before my 2018 1.8 golf quit. How often does this electronic throttle control quit? The car won't run as a result. It only has 13000 miles.
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    2019 1.8 Golf oil drain plug

    What kind of tool will fit this phillips sloted hole? Is there a special tool? You would think there would be a hex or square.
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    New TSI car oil change issues

    Is there a hex ended oil drain plug that replaces the Phillips sloted plug I can't properly tighten? #2 question- When you pull the oil filter cover off does oil run all over the engine [to change the filter]? I haven't changed the filter yet.
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    Trouble with car inspection

    New York vehicle inspection system doesn't like my RC5 computer upgrade. They had to resubmit the data 5 times before the inspection was verified. Nothing on the car was wrong. Anyone have this go wrong?
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    control arm bushings?

    I found 2 lower control arm bushing sets? [Lemforder 2713201] in a box and have no use for them. Can anyone identify them and does anyone have a use for them?
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    Loose front wheel bearing

    I recently found that my left front wheel [when elevated] has a lot of in and out movement so I removed the wheel and tightened the large nut on the hub, which was not loose to begin with. It is much tighter now, but with out taking it apart I can't figure what in the hub came loose. There was...
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    Want to buy light lens

    This on the left front fender. It is a directional light. It is about 1" x 2" and clear. Anyone have one on a junk car and willing to pull it off and send it? Thanks for your response.
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    losing transaxle oil thru seals

    I have lost 3/4 of a cup of oil thru the axle seals over 10,000 to 15,000 miles. The car has 163,000. There is none leaking on the garage floor, just on the belly pan. The pan has been wet for several years. I'm thinking why bother replacing the seals for that little inconvenience of adding oil...
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    control arm rear bushing

    My right bushing came apart. Can it be replaced without removing the control arm from the car? It's not the money, i just don't want to deal with all the rusted parts.
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    Batt. run down from unlocked doors

    I was told that in our '02 Golf that it was important to lock the car when not in use. I think that was to help with battery drawdown when not in use. Is this still an issue with a 2019 golf? Thanx for your reply.
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    Get 3 beeps on every start

    I had ABS issues so I pulled the fuse. That turned off some warning lights on the speedo, but there is a warning signal in the dash. How easy is it to find and unplug this beeper?
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    Reattaching my hood insulation

    It is attached at the edges, but hangs on the engine in the middle. Are there metal ribs on the hood bottom side that I could screw with washers the insulation into, without piercing the hoods outer surface? I haven't pulled it down to look at so far, but there must be something to screw to...
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    battery voltage

    When I test battery voltage while the engine is running what should it be? I seem to remember it being in the 14 volt range. Is it higher as the revs go up? The Bentley didn't help or I just couldn't find info in there.
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    sudden coolant loss

    The low coolant light went on recently. I added about 11/2" in the reservior. Next day, after driving 20 miles, the low coolant was on again, this time down to the bottom. At no time was there an overheating issue. There was coolant puddled on the belly pan, but no evidense of where the leak...
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    Climate Change - venting

    I have been to several climate change classes - events. It seems what is talked about is everything but Americans buying SUVs and trucks that get mileages in the range of 15 to 22 MPG. These big vehicles are good [profit wise] for the mfgs. and dealers, but why are few talking about this bad...