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    free stuff for mkV

    I got rid of my mkV and I still have some stuff left over. I am giving it away. Cleaning out my garage. 1L of Castrol 507 oil Cabin filter lower grill covers and a few other items 5L jug of BIO diesel, (maybe 2L left) not sure if its still good. Fuel treatment stuff Message me if...
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    Bentley MKV manual for sale

    Guys, I traded in my 09 MKV Jetta Wagon TDI on a 2016 Touareg, and no longer have a need for a Bentley JETTA MKV - 09-2010 Manual. It is in an excellent shape. All pages intact. Lived in my bookcase for 6+ years. Asking $50 with shipping included. Feel free to email me:
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    Electrical Gremlins - looking for help

    in the last couple of days my JSW started acting strange: lights coming on for no reason, doors wont open, key wont turn. I resorted to unplugging the battery and after that things appear to work better. I cleared the codes but central convenience issues still happening. Is my CU going...
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    Nissan, BMW recall more than 165,000 vehicles for fuel pump issue

    Just came across this article on Reuters. Seems like BMW and NISSAN are recalling BOSCH fuel pumps. When will VW step up?
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    VW starts taking orders on GOLFR Jan 8

    Just saw this on Yahoo, looks like VW will start taking orders on GOLF-R awd on Jan 8... They have some little incentives for first 500 buyers.
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    Electric turbo chargers

    Interesting... Hope it more reliable than red neck turbochargers littering the youtube...
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    VW is issuing a recall on suspension arms

    Just ran across this and wanted to share.
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    Advice need on fixing air compressor

    I broke the drain valve on the bottom of my 21gal air compressor... At first , I thought it was not big deal and I bought another 1/4 in npt drain valve... The problem is I can't get the old one out... The brass remnants are just crumbling but the thread still remains fused to the tank... I...
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    Need HELP! I think I broke it...

    So I was disabling HORN confirmation beep on lock on my Jetta yesterday with VAGCOM. All seemed to go well. This morning the car wont start, and battery seems low.. I charged it up. Now the car turns over, but wont start. I am lost and don't know where to go from here... Looking for next...
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    VW doubleback

    Looks like VW got a new van out. Very innovative.
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    2015 Beetle R That is a mean looking Beetle...
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    Amazing new beetle...

    VW is going into new direction.... Subaru-- beat that...
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    CNET pro diesel clip

    Just came across this... Featuring TDIs...
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    Kenwood GTI / JETTA custom receiver

    I just came across this that I thought I might share. It looks like Kenwood came out with VW specific head unit. its pricey but seems like a great alternative to OEM.
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    VW Audi SIRIUS Satellite Radio Module 09 JSW

    For SALE :VW Audi SIRIUS Satellite Radio Module I replaced my head unit in 09JSW and now I have no use for this SIRIUS receiver. Account with SIRIUS is closed in good standing. We have not used sirius in a quite a few months now. $50 shipped or any reasonable offer.
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    New VW car

    Not sure if this was posted but I came across this. Very interesting, but its in Chinese.
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    Just FYI

    I came across this ad in Denver Craigslist and I thought I would let you guys know about it. There are some very knowledgeable folks on this forum that can probably buy this and get this car all sorted out.
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    Interesting direction for VW

    VW seem to be focusing more on car toys. They do have a cool 3d printer in the design labs.
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    Need Advice on a code scan

    Guys, I recently acquired a cheap Chinese VAG scanner which works great for my purposes for all my cars. This past weekend I did a scan of my 09 TDI and got a code 1296 saying sensor g191 is intermittently shorting out. My car is out of warranty. All my AC and Heating functions seem to be...
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    VW wheel locks for sale

    I have 4 wheel locks with plastic caps and the key for sale. All in very good shape. The key is the 21-spline style. I just took them off my 09 Jetta with 16 inch alloys. Asking 15$ + shipping OBO