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    Who's OMI (old man intake) is better?

    Kerma TDI ID Parts Kerma's looks a lot more professional with bead rolled end, barb for the ccv ,ID's looks like something you would...
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    WTB: Buzzken Downpipe 2002 TDI

    Looking or a catless downpipe, preferably one that fits the stock catback, unless you have the full system. Must be able to meet or ship to WI.
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    Exhaust Got Loud and Only 3psi Boost

    Noticed the exhaust tone got louder than normal cruising down the road at 65. Then when got to a stop it was low on power and only making 3psi. Parked it and revved with door open and exhaust was super loud. Shut it off and went shopping for 20 minutes. Restarted and ran fine. Held er to the...
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    What Battery to Buy?

    2002. What are the current recommendations for battery's on the market? I'm in WI so winter is a thing here. Not looking for the bought this battery 10 years ago but they no longer sell it options. Cost is not a big concern within reason, willing to spend $$ for reliable cold staring.
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    Rad Fan Shroud Wore through Radiator-Leak

    Anyone else have this happen? The rubber seal that runs between the 2 fans wore through the radiator pipe and caused it to leak. Replacing radiator. Is this seal really needed, if its going to cause another failure I would rather leave it out.
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    Radiator Temp Sensor

    What is the temperature sensor in the Drivers side radiator end tank above the bottom hose connection called? I'm replacing my radiator and the O ring on that sensor is dry and I want to replace it, but cant find it on IDparts. Looks like ECS Has it: N0438083...
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    Partnumber Help-Rear Hatch Lever Link Clip

    This clip has caused the link to fall out twice on me, meaning the hatch wont open...time for a new one. Dealer said his diagram is not very clear. Anyone know the pn? 2002 Golf GLS TDI. This is a picture I found online, not my actual car but looks the same.
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    Alternator Coming in and out

    Yesterday the battery light came on after a short time driving. Voltage had dropped to 11.7. Shut off and when restarted 15 minutes later didn't come back. Then on the drive home it came back on, one time I accelerated hard and it went off, but later came back on and would not go off with...
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    Sunroof Glass Rattling

    Last year I put a roof rack with fairing on. With the sunroof propped open, it would rattle. Even with the roof rack off it rattles when open and shut. Yesterday I had the front windows down and the sunroof shut and that even caused it to rattle. Does it sometimes from a stop too...
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    Wanted 0-30PSI Boost Gauge

    Used is fine.
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    Who's up for a Sheboygan WI Lunch?

    Who's up for a Sheboygan WI Lunch? Feb 28th Last winter we did a meet up in Sheboygan for lunch early March. I would like to do the same. I propose we do it the same place as last year: Highland House 820 Indiana Avenue, Sheboygan, WI They have a...
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    ScanGaugeII Fillups

    Why does it ask you to fill up at 1/4 tank. I want to run it down close to the line so I dont have to stop at the pump as often. Is the 1/4 their suggestion just so you dont run out of gas? Does it keep track of how many miles the car went between fillups so it wont really matter what level...
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    No Charging below 3000 RPM??

    My charging system does not kick in till I hit right around 3000 rpm. If I stay below that, the battery voltage never goes above 12.6 As soon as I hit 3000, it jumps to 13.7-14.3 and stays there all day long. If I shut it off and restart, same thing. Put a new regulator on, no change...
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    ScanGageII or Ultra

    Going to ask for one for x mass. Seems most use the II, any reason I would want the Ultra? I plan to use it in my TDI to watch battery voltage, fuel economy, check codes, and watch boost if I can set it up to do so. Would also use it for my other cars to check and clear codes.
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    What is broke with my Alternator?

    1 Fault Found: 17911 - Load Signal from Alternator Term. DF P1503 - 35-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent Sitting not running my car has about 12.4v at the battery. After starting its m 11.3V and bairly goes up any if I rev the engine up. But then at some point things wake...
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    How Do I Clean up and Refinish Painted Alloy Wheels?

    I got a set of aftermarket alloy wheels with nice snow tires recently I will be using this winter. There was a bunch of curb rash (scratches and gouges) but I was able to grind and smooth that out. Now I'm left with peeling and corrosion on the orignal paint, and places where its down to...
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    Private Messages Emails?

    On some other forums I get an email when I get a private message, kind of like when you suscribe to a thread. Can we do this here?
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    WTB: 5x100 (MK4) 16 or 17" wheels with Good Snow Tires

    Swapped front suspension for TT parts and now I need larger winter wheels to clear so starting to look early. 16" minimum. Will consider alloys or steelies. I have a nice set of stock Golf GLS 15" wheels with snows on them I may consider trading plus cash. One other option I may consider...
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    Replace Subframe Bushings on Car?

    My subframe bushings look real rough, I bought some new ones, can I replace them with the subframe still on the car by dropping it down some, pulling out the old bushings with a pry bar or whatever means and then push the new ones in by tightening the bolts or making a simple thing out of a bolt...