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    DPF and warranty

    I have a 2013 VW Golf with tech package. I'm just over 100,000 miles and was wondering if a DPF repair would be covered?
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    2011 Golf TDI with DSG

    I NEED YOUR INPUT PLEASE I have found a 2011 Golf TDI with DSG. It only has 36K on it. I know zero about the DSG transmissions. Is there any problems that are inherent to 2011 DSG that would keep me from buying the car? Thank you!
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    2010 - 2015 Jetta sportawagen

    Is there any year model, trim package, etc that i should avoid when trying to purchase? I'm looking at buying maybe a 2013 sporstwagen. Is there a certain transmission i should avoid? i really don't know much about these newer TDI's. Been driving a 2000 Golf and a 2002 Beetle. both have over...
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    2002 Golf TDI manual shifting issues

    I was pilling into the parking lot and down shifted. After the down shift i went probably 50ft, I wasn't going fast at all and the car stalled violently, its hard to explain. After that, it's difficult to shift gears and the car also moves slightly even in neutral when the clutch is released...
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    My 2000 TDI Golf runs strong, but when i'm coming to a stop and press the clutch, my engine idles down and acts like its skipping badly and shakes. any ideas?
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    Purchasing another tdi

    I really want another TDI. I currently have a 2000 Golf with 330,000 and 2002 Beetle with 295,000 miles. They've been so good, I'm out of the loop on the newer stuff. I'd like any opinions or info on purchasing something newer. I want something between 2010-2014 with much lower miles. Both of...
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    2015 Golf TDI

    If I buy a 2015 Golf TDI with 42,000 miles, how do I look with the VW warranty? How many years will I get and how about the retrofits that have to be done? Any info or advice would be appreciated
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    2015 TDI sportswagen S or Sel

    My local dealer has some new 2015 TDI's that have been in quarantine during the lawsuit mess. They are now selling them. Where can I find out what a fair price would be to buy one? Also, does anyone know what kind of future support/warranty there will be for these car? Any advice would be...
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    2002 Golf TDI turn signal issue

    My Golf has been bulletproof! I'd drive it to California tomorrow without hesitation, even though I have 308,000 miles on it. I've had minor issues along the way but nothing serious. My latest minor issue is with the turn signals. When I activate my signals, left or right, and I'm waiting to...
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    Manual granny no reverse

    My 2000 Golf TDI Will not shift into reverse. The gear shifter will not push down as is needed to go into reverse. Any suggestions for what to look at first or what angle to go after it would be appreciated.
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    low heat

    Got a 2000 Golf TDI. My heater is not making much heat when the selector is set to high. The Fan blows great but the level of heat is not good. what are the first things to look at? thank you
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    Water inside

    2002 New Beetle TDI is getting water under the rear seat when it rains. What is the most logical path for this water to get in? It has a sunroof but the location of the water makes me think it's something with the hatch! Thanks for any and all advice!
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    Short and sweet please

    I have read on this forum countless threads and posts about the emissions issues involving the 2009-2015... TDI. I want/need another car and really have enjoyed my 2000 Golf TDI. I've read and talked with trusted mechanics and I'm not sure what to do. I'm looking at a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI...
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    best models

    I got into the TDI world when i bought a 2000 TDI Golf in 2003. I didn't realize i was buying the best car i have ever owned. It now has 291,000 and my wife's Buick is aging as well. I do know that all TDI engines are not created equal, with the PD issues, that i'm not very knowledgeable on etc...
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    heater speed control

    earlier, my switch got really hot, hot enough to melt the plastic on the inside of the switch panel. I replaced the entire heat/AC control assembly. Then my fan would run but only for a few seconds. After reading and posting on here i was sure that the switch melted because of a bad resistor...
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    Heater fan speed control

    Is there tricks for removing the 3 heater control cables on the rear of the heater/AC control module? Before I attempt it and possibly damage something, thought I'd ask you guys? Thanks
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    fan speed control switch replacement

    I searched the forum with no luck on this subject. I'm probably doing something wrong but I still need your help. I'm quite sure my dash fan speed control switch is bad. I need help in locating the correct parts as well as advice on the actual replacement procedure. I have a 2000 VW Golf TDI...
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    Leaky #3 injector

    My injector is very clean so it's obviously leaking. Any tips or ideas would be great before I loosen the fuel line. Is there seals, o-rings or anything procedures I should be aware of before hand?? THANKS
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    Country of origin

    Looking at 2012 Jetta TDI wagons, should I be wary of cars built in Mexico?? THANKS
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    Windshield washer leak

    After two days of 9 deg weather my windshield washer on my 2000 VW Golf TDI doesn't work anymore. Filled tank and all still wouldn't pump. All liquid leaked out. Where would the leak most likely be, tank or pump? Any tips on removal would be greatly appreciated