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    2003 ALH wagon 5spd LINY

    It's sold, thanks
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    Can't find 14a connector 99.5

    I've searched and all I can find is people have issues with it. The Bentley says it's by the battery but I cannot find it. It is not near the ecu either. This is an early alh 99.5 Thanks!
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    2001 Wiring harness

    2001 Wiring harness removed from an auto car. I pulled it myself. This is the complete harness for the car. The B pillars back have been cut out. Not like most would need that for a swap anyway. $200 Located in 11776 NY
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    Thinking about selling my spare motor

    Motor sold Harness completely removed from 2001 auto car. $200 I am located in Long Island, NY Zip is 11776. I am 5 minutes from the Bridgeport, CT ferry.
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    Part throttle lugging

    When driving with a maybe 10-15% throttle input my car lugs / lopes pretty hard. I can fix it by pressing the clutch or just hitting the gas more the car has pp520 and RC3
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    The COTYbuilt (HPA) Wrangler kits

    I am specifically asking about this brand. Does anyone here own one? Ive recently acquired a 04 LJ Wrangler with a blown 4.0 and as I don't have alot of time to devote to the project Im thinking of going this route. Do you have one? What do you think? How is the...
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    WTB: K03 or K03/04 hybrid

    WTB: K03 or K03/04 hybrid For AHU. Please, looking for KNOWN GOOD, not Chinese Prothe garbage. Thanks!
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    2006 Golf GLS TDI MK4

    Sold thanks
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    B5 ALH clutch / starter issues

    Hey guys, in working on my swap today I need to figure out a clutch/ FW setup and a starter. Im using a B5 V6 trans (ratios I dont care) and an ALH. I am looking to try and keep the setup as cheap as possible. I was thinking of the ECS RA4 kit. I would like cheaper if anyone could suggest...
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    I need longitudinal parts

    I need longitudinal parts for my B5 ALH swap. I need a oil pan and pickup Thanks
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    Random B3 and B4 Passat parts

    Gone to junkyard
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    Audi B5 conversion

    Im planning a Audi B5 conversion. I was trying to make a Jeep TDI but the price of the adapter is just too much for a fun car. So, Ive decided to make a daily driver I want and can be proud of. I would love an S4, but it will likely be a 96-99 2.8 chassis. I have An ALH engine already, harness...
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    1z harness ALT wires

    1z harness ALT wires - where do they go to, do they connect at the ECU? Do they have a connecter near the reverse switch on trans? Thanks so much!
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    2003 with bad motor

    Sold, thanks
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    AHU / 1Z harness

    AHU / 1Z harness What am I supposed to do with all the single pin connectors on the engine harness? Which ones are necessary? Yellow, green, grey/green, grey/blue, black Thanks!
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    2004 Golf TDI auto

    Gone, thanks
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    Shudder valve leaks

    My ALH is spitting oil out of the weep hole on the front of the antishudder valve. I swapped it out for a known good one, same deal. The car has 90k and does not smoke. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Need n75 for 99.5

    I need 1ho 906 627 a for alh I know i can use the newer one but im willing to pay $25 shipped asap
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    1998 Jetta TDI

    SOLD, Thanks. I have owned this car since 2005. I have spent an enormous amount of time on it over the years. This car was the first TDI I have ever seen, I remember when it came home in 1998 to the original owner. I am the second owner. I LOVE this car. The car has been a commuter car...