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    So I was driving last night and accelerated an the car died

    I would check the oil level. Rapid acceleration followed by a shutdown is a sign of a blown turbo.
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    CEL @ 600 Miles

    beats the heck out of waking the neighborhood whenever I get home late.
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    stereo aux will not come up

    Most likely is that it lost its software coding. You don't need a new radio, but a vagcom and instructions. Hopefully a knowledgable dealer could reset it.
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    Cash For Clunkers!!!

    In most states, cars that are more than 25 yrs old are considered to be antiques and can be licensed separately.
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    Help! No start and crazy insturment cluster!

    yea, VR is a single unit on this alternator. Dealer will replace the whole alternator since it is quicker and more profitable. low/no voltage will cause all the lamps to come on. Even though it is a diesel, it still needs power for the fuel cutoff and the ECU in order to run.
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    trouble starting car after fuel filter change

    Anything that will produce sufficient vacuum will do. And when you do it, turn the key on. This opens the fuel shutoff solenoid and fuel should flow easier.
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    Battery Drained - Not Sure Why

    Did you lock the car and did the alarm set itself as usual?
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    Breakdown, help! Car stalled while driving, won't restart

    Did you recheck the belt?
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    One finger over fuel pump nozzle hole prevents foam! Who knew?

    Somebody named 'StinkFinger' came up with this?
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    Where is the AC temperature sensor?

    IIRC, that thingy up under the cowl is not a thermister, but a switch.
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    Car doesn't have fuel filter - anything I should do when putting one in?

    What may have happened is that the oil plug washer was not ever replaced. hence it's leaking. Otherwise, it may be partially stripped due to the afore mentioned steel plug / aluminum pan problem.
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    Car doesn't have fuel filter - anything I should do when putting one in?

    1. You're in Mexico. 2. You're a missionary. A. don't worry too much. Whatever damage was done, is done. Put a filter in and keep driving. B. Say an extra prayer over the car. Couldn't hurt. Do an oil and oil filter change. Look for CI-4 or similar 5w-40, though being in a hot...
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    Diesel vs. hybrid: How to save fuel the smart way

    That new commercial cites the VW Jetta TDI as holding the Guinness Record for the best fuel economy while crossing the US, something like 54MPG. YMMV.
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    New used Jetta... Major Problems (I think)

    an early belt change sounds like a dealer trying to get more money from the previous owners. How much you want to bet they used the wrong oil? The brake thing is easy if you have access to a power bleeder. A more common issue that the AC compressor is the alternator pulley. Is this what...
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    Stealership Hard Sell-Replace TB at 60, 000 miles (BEW)

    there is folklore and anecdotes concerning owners who thought, "100kmiles or bust!" and BUST is what they got. Not trying to fear-monger or anything, but the more past 5 years you go, the more time becomes a factor over distance.
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    Suddenly stopped running

    the valves may not be bent, but the 'lips' may be cracked. It might be fine for a while but eventually it will break off and get pounded in the cylinder. the only way you're going to know is to pull the head.
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    Heavy towing with 2000 jetta tdi

    It is. I assume you have trailer brakes. If not, get them. It would not hurt to go get the larger oil cooler. It's a VW part and some sellers here have it as a power enhancement-type product. The dealer should have it too. It is more or less bolt-on. You should also routinely check the...
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    Musty Air Conditioner Smell

    the drain comes through the firewall. If you look on the passenger side firewall in the engine bay behind the turbo, you should see a 'U' shaped cutout in the metallic insulation. The drain is behind here. You will need to pull this flap up to see the drain. You might want to leave it loose...
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    Onboard Solar Powered Hydrgen Generation

    Toyota calls this "Prius". Honda calls it "Insite" and "Civic". They both consider it stale technology. Newer designs decouple the gas motor from the drive train. When you do this with a diesel, you call it "locomotive".
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    Jack Daniels Vw Fair Lawn Nj Used Wrong Oil In My 2009 Jetta Tdi

    That was your 3rd mistake. A statement like this is like "Read my lips: No New Taxes!!!" or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"