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    2005 Jetta Wagon 5-spd TDI w/ 104k miles

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2005 Jetta GL Wagon TDI, 5-spd. Just 104k Miles, no mechanical problems, easily mid-40s mpg all day. $5350 o.b.o. IMG_4359 by , on Flickr
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    FS: Clean 2003 Jetta GLS TDI

    SOLD. ______________________________ Ok. So I was all set to sell this car a year ago, but didn't quite know what direction to go as far as a replacement daily driver. Life got busy, so I just held off on selling it. I am an absolute idiot, because I got good interest back then with a $6500...
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    Feeler: Clean 03 Jetta GLS TDI in Michigan

    Feeler: After 9 wonderful, trouble-free years with this beauty, I am considering selling. Finally in a financial situation that allows me to consider new options. I bought this car in 2005 when it had less than two years on the road, but with 42,000 miles already. It had been lovingly owned...
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    PD150 Manifold + race pipe: Will it diesel?

    Hi all, Old ass member of the site here, but my poor TDI hasn't gotten much love in the last few years. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but her performance has been stagnant, if not regressing somewhat lately. I figure I am probably about due for an intake manifold + intake valve...
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    FS: The Snow is Coming. 15" 5x100 Monterey's w/ Yoko Snows

    Hi everyone, Get your TDI some traction this winter with my spare set of wheels/snow tires that I have just sitting around. I ran these wheels and snow tires during the 3 consecutive 08-10 winters. Probably somewhere around 16-18k total miles on them. While the much smaller siping grooves...
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    WTB: Used mudflaps - A4 Jetta Sedan

    Who's got mudflaps sitting on the garage shelf? I don't have a lot of money to spend, but my newly-lifted Mk4 Jetta is looking odd without some rally-spec trim to go with it. With or without VW logos is ok. But beat up and shredded flaps aren't very cool. Lemme know, thanks! pics appreciated.
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    Let's be honest about DRAFTING

    We all do it. Well, ok, not all of us. But many. I get better mileage at 80 mph when following a thick line of heavy traffic (often composed mostly of SUVs and minivans) in the 2-4 car length range than I do cruising solo in the slow lane at 70 or even down at 65 mph. I think 55+ mpg at 80...
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    Can Vag-Com adjust fuel level reading?

    Hi gang, Just swapped my OE fuel sending unit for an in-tank PD lift pump. Ever since the swap, the fuel level reading never gets to empty. This morning I stalled while trying to push my limits on how much fuel I had left - thankfully I had 5 gals in the trunk. The sender/PD pump unit is...
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    WTB: Stock ALH intercooler piping (borrow?)

    As title states, looking to (perhaps temporarily?) buy your stock ALH engine intercooler piping (just the pancake pipe and upper pipe). I know lots of you guys have upgraded yourselves and have these sitting aimlessly on your garage shelf. My goal is to have a friend weld me up custom piping...
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    Scared... Sudden Injection Timing Retardation at High RPMs

    I just posted this in the tdi101 forum, but on second thought, this is not a very basic question. So perhaps here is more appropriate. Just wondering if anyone has any insight to a strange problem my TDI developed today. Had been running perfect for about as long as I can remember, until just...
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    High rpm injection timing retardation?

    Just wondering if anyone has any insight to a strange problem my TDI developed today. Had been running perfect for about as long as I can remember, until just this afternoon. I usually do a wide open throttle pull on my highway onramps during my commute so I can definitely say its been...
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    Where to dyno in south-east Michigan?

    Hi all, Anyone experience with dyno shops in southeast Michigan? As I get closer to the end (I hope) of my power mods, I'm becoming more interested in getting a dyno run or two to figure out just where I'm at. After a little bit of searching I found some info (on a Neon SRT4 site) about some...
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    Winter Mode Sucks

    Thanks to a warmer than usual November, I was able to rock the summer mode all the way into December this year. With snow in the forecast that all came to an end this past weekend though. Spun the Koni coils all the way back up, side skirts off, snow tires on. Snowboard rack hopefully going...
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    FS: Random Mk4 parts (cheap)

    As a lot of you probably know, when you upgrade parts you tend to end up with a garage full of stock pieces. Some you keep in the name of returning to stock for eventually selling the car someday. These are not those type of items, and I don't want them taking up space in my garage anymore...
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    FS: H&R Trak 8mm and 20mm Wheel Spacers w/ Lug Bolts

    SOLD. Two pairs of wheel spacers for sale. First up, 20mm H&R hubcentric spacers, drilled for 5x100 and 5x112 bolt patterns. Comes with 10 extended lug bolts (ball seat). Used for two summers, great condition. The 20mms in the rear really made my Montes / Santa Monicas pop. Also for...
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    FS: Neuspeed 28mm Rear Sway Bar rsb LIKE NEW

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is a Neuspeed 28mm rear sway bar in great condition. Used for about one year. Removed when I realized I drive like a turtle and would rather have some cash in hand. Includes all hardware and instructions in original box. Some of the fastener coloration is light...
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    Looking for a low mile 06 Jetta w/ DSG

    Picky request, I know! Pretty frustrating to try to find one around here that meets the above criteria. Basically, my parents want to get a new car w/ superior fuel mileage. They already have an 04 jetta TDI wagon, and with that and my 03 we burn B99 all summer long that we store in a tank at...
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    Alternative EGT Probe & Gauge Installation

    It feels fairly mundane to post this when all the other threads are discussing compound turbos and 200+ HP beasts, but I figure I might as well still share. I have been trying to find a solution to installing and EGT thermocouple without having to pull my turbo and drill the manifold for a...
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    WTB: ALH EGR Parts

    Well, just one, actually. I am looking for the metal accordian/flex exhaust pipe that goes from the exhaust manifold to the EGR cooler. I know there's lots of folks out there with all your EGR parts sitting on a shelf in your garage. Why not make a little profit and sell me this pipe? Thanks...
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    KERMA TDI infighting?

    whoa! That is wierd. Someone else just posted about being told to f*** off from Charlie. Someone must be maliciously doing this; can't see Charlie throwing his business down the drain like this. Charlie IS kerma. So what do you have for sale, exactly? I'll take two. (this is the classified...