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    Damaged interface?

    Can the interface/cable be damaged by hooking it to something other than a VW? I forgot which cable to use and instead of the OBD2 cable I used the Vag-Com cable on a friends ford truck and now it does not work on my Golf.
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    To much boost?

    How should boost act? Full throttle any gear or using cruse control boost goes to 24psi back to 10psi back to 14 or 15psi in all gears. Using part throttle I can hold boost to 18psi from 2000rpm all the way to 4200rpm (by modulating the throttle) kinda distracting in the mountains. 03 Golf...
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    2005 Golf TDI

    FS 2003 Golf TDI in Southern Arizona 2003 VW Golf TDI 2dr black 91,000 90% highway miles 5spd Choice of wheels 15” Long Beaches 2 new tires 2 good tires or 16” Montreal I with new tires Power drivers seat from a GTI or new stock seats (they have been in storage), the GTI seats went in...
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    FS 2003 2dr Golf TDI

    Moved to right place, sorry!
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    third brake light

    Repair or replace, the center section is out, the two outers work fine. Part number?
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    Mobil 1 Truck & SUV 5W-40 ??

    Anyone have an on-line source, or info when the supples will start to reappear? Even NAPA is out, and that was after checking Wally World, Kragen and Chief.
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    Smoke at speed??

    Lots of smoke when accelerating from 65 to triple digits, not a light haze but thick black smoke, enough to make the back of the car dirtier than it has ever been. Boost was running between 16 and 18 lbs, I’m sure it’s to much fuel/to little air (is it time to clean the intake track), EGR turned...
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    WTB Power Seat Drivers GLI/GLX ??

    All I need is the seat base with 3 good motors, but will buy the whold thing if needed.
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    First time clutch change on a TDI

    Not the first clutch I’ve changed, just the first A4-TDI. You must move the engine forward and keep it there, my 2X4 fell out with the trans half in and half out, lots of fun try trying to keep the trans from falling off the jack and put the 2X4 back in place. A 13mm swivel socket is real...
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    RC-2 and a stock clutch.

    What can I say, I made it all of 4 days before it started slipping. But WOW we made a weekend trip that took us over the Grapevine, I-5 north of LA, and back, 65 to 95 in a heart beat, it's now as fast up a 7% grade as it use to be going down the same hill. Yes, this Saturday is clutch day, I’ve...
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    Mileage dilemma??

    Here’s the deal, San Diego to Phoenix usually on a Thursday or Friday afternoon, fill up in San Diego, lots of time set the cruse on 70 (really 67) about 6 hours for the trip and 42 to 44 MPG. Sunday night, Phoenix to San Diego fill up in Phoenix I fill with anything that is cheap, not that...
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    Auto to 5spd swap? total hours?

    I have and 03 Golf 5spd and an 02 Jetta Auto, any ideas on how many hours the a swap will take? My intent is to swap motor and gear box as a unit, they have with in 2k of the same mileage, we are planning on traveling more and the Jetta is a better platform for long distances plus it holds more...
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    DSG in a Jetta/Golf????

    Any news or rumors?? A 2005 Jetta wagon, TDI with the DSG whould be my dream car.
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    11mm pump replacement

    Autos and crappy mileage, the car is an 02 Jetta Wagon, has anyone given thought to replacing the 11mm pump with a 10mm and the correct sized injectors? I can almost justify this as I have the 10mm pump already.
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    WTT spair tire

    Two TDI's and two kinds of spairs, anyone want to trade a Goodyear or Continental (195/65-15)for the other ie: your Goodyear for my Contental or your Continental for my Goodyear? I don't care which. If you want to drive to Poway over the weekend I'll buy you lunch and through in an oil change...
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    Engine identification

    Help, what is: AQM= ALH= 90hp USA? AGR= AHF= ASV= Wandering around parts books (cd) and trying to make sense of turbos and intake tracks for the various 1.9L TDI motors.
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    What is ? AQM, ALH, ASV

    Help, what is: AQM= ALH= AGR= AHF= ASV= Wandering around parts books (cd) and trying to make sense of turbos and intake tracks for the various 1.9L TDI motors.
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    Need a chip.

    Boost I don’t want any more boost below 2000RPM, I would like to have the 2.5 to 4k range filed in. Any suggestions for software? Leo 03 Golf 5spd 205s mufflerectomy GTI seats gauges
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    Springs "again"

    Springs \"again\" Hate to bring this up again, I just spent the morning using the search engines here and Vortex, no joy. VR6 springs 1 pink 5 blue for fronts and 3 silver 2 green, any information or leads. Thanks Leo
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    Outside mirror heater indicator light.

    I hate the wiring diagrams in the Bentley manual, I have an LED in the dash and I would like to use to indicate when the mirror heaters are on, there has to be a connection in the dash that runs from left to right and I’ll be damn if I can find it. If anyone can identify a plug and wire that is...