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    potential owner - HPFP am i overreacting?

    And a bad time to buy a new or used 335d. If only they offered the 328d Sports Wagon here.
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    2010 Golf TDI with HPFP Failure

    I was at [one of those three dealerships] a few months ago and asked the service guys if they'd heard of the HPFP issue. Of course, "No." I told them how much I'd read about it on the Internet. "The Internet you say?" Just then, another employee walked up front and heard me discussing HPFP...
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    Apple iphone app to locate diesel fuel stations

    GasBuddy I used my GasBuddy app to help an X5 driver running on fumes find a diesel station just last night. It isn't always up-to-date with the latest prices, since it is entirely dependent on user submissions, but it does have an "On Fumes" button that shows you all local stations regardless...
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    Lost my Best Friend yesterday........

    Very sorry for your loss, especially for such a young guy. It's nice to see, at least, that this is a community where you can post something OT and actually get supportive responses. (You probably wouldn't fare so well on TWD.)
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    HPFP dealer service visit - thought I'd share

    Standby for the lawyered-up take-down notice. Fred must have gotten those before. :D
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    how do you open the hatch on 2011 golf?!?

    He's got the golf. No hatch recess. JSW is different.
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    HPFP Story

    The Mazda diesels will be here for the 2012 model year, but I don't think they've announced which models will get it. I'd vote for the return of the 6-wagon or sport back.
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    Newbie wanting to buy new 2010 TDI Jetta

    re: extended warranty Does VW sell this extended warranty? I wasn't offered such a thing when I bought a Rabbit at the end of '07 (in Maryland).
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    Newbie wanting to buy new 2010 TDI Jetta

    Aside from the general longevity concerns, did something specific happen to drive you to your final decision? How did the dealers respond to your requests for coverage?
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    Clearance sale at VW of Langhorne (Philly, PA)

    Two truckloads in mid-August...those '10s or '11s?
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    2010 Golf TDI with HPFP Failure

    Maybe, maybe not, but if VW and it's dealers were upfront about the issue (and we know at least some failures are real) the trolls wouldn't have any fuel to feed the fire.
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    Jetta Sportwagen -2010 diesel engine.

    HPFP part number
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    Metal Discovered in Fuel

    revised HPFP? Can you get some sort of documentation of this when talking to the dealer or the tech group: VW part number, manufacturer part number, change of manufacturer, description of supposed design revision, crappy cell phone photo of new part...anything. Current owners have been...
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    Toyota Prius

    That was worth every minute.
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    How am I supposed to shift this thing???

    I'm debating manual vs. auto. How does your observation translate to dealing with a manual in bad traffic? Would I need to shift more often in traffic (bad), or would I be able to stay in, say, 2nd for wider speed ranges (good)?
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    Skidplate news--maybe there is a higher power

    skid+plate Yeah, searching for "skid plate" versus "skidplate" yields different results, and I overlooked the first informative thread amidst the other noise. Thanks for the links. Ehhh, I guess I should inspect the underside of my wife's Rabbit a little closer since we definitely had some...
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    Skidplate news--maybe there is a higher power

    Why the skidplates? Is there something about the ground clearance on this generation of TDIs or the MkVIs themselves that necessitates the enhanced skidplate, or are people just being extra cautious?
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    New Jetta Details

    So why didn't you just update your first thread? Are you familiar with the concept of operations for web forums? Even e-mail forums operate the same way. Sorry, your profile does say newbie, so I shouldn't criticize. Welcome to the Interwebs. It is not too late to re-post this information...
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    The True Cost of an HPFP failure?

    Perhaps an HPFP sticky thread. We've already got Bluetooth and tire pressure, and neither of those is nearly as big of an issue.