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    Time Attack CJAA

    I am running the Gridlife Time Attack Series this year in the HPDE+ FWD class. So far I placed 2nd in my class at Rd 1 at Gingerman Raceway with a best time of 1:55.215 seconds. Rd 2 I took the win in my class at Autobahn Country Club. We ran all 3 configurations. 1:46.478 South Course...
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    S5 Turbo II RX-7 CJAA conversion

    Car: 1989 S5 Turbo II RX-7 clean rust free shell Transmission: W58 from 86.5 Toyota Supra Bellhousing: 22re toyota truck w series bellhousing Adapter: ACME adapter Engine: Looking for a CJAA or CKRA I picked the car up from a friend for $450. All the turbo II stuff is pretty much swapped from...
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    H&R race springs

    Anybody else running the H&R race springs? The UPS guy just dropped mine off tonight. Im picking up some 18x8 +35 Rpf1's on friday, and ordering my koni yellows probably begining of next month. Im planning on wrapping the rpf1's in hankook rs-3's. From there things planned get alot more...
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    He351ve and vane control

    First off I don't own an HE351ve but I would like to discuss controlling the vanes on it. The factory holset actuator has set positions which change the housing from 3cm to 25cm. Standalone controllers are pricey and don't have a very fine adjustment. I think I've seen somewhere where one...
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    worst wrecked vw ive seen I found this while looking for a donor car for a 4 motion swap. I hope it was just a driver in there as im sure all occupants would have perished.
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    ~10 gallons of waste soybean oil (Des Plaines, IL)

    **FREE**~10 gallons of waste soybean oil **FREE**(Des Plaines, IL) 10 gallons of used soybean oil from deep frying thanksgiving turkeys. Trade for a bomber(22oz bottle) of craft beer if your feeling generous. Don't want to throw it out figured someone here could use it. Local pickup only. I'm...
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    DSG fluid analysis?

    I am about to do my 30k service. I am planning on having my Engine oil sent out to blackstone for analysis. I haven't done any other uoa's. I am going to due my DSG service at the same time because I am sure I put that fluid through hell. I plan on sending in a sample of my DSG fluid as well...
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    Engine Torque PID

    Does anyone know how accurate the Engine torque PID is? I was bored and logging rpm and engine torque. I understand these are crank numbers and not wheel. From what it seems like, it appears to be calculated from gear ratio and rate of acceleration. Anywho it was showing 288Nm at 4232 RPM which...
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    WTB: mk6 rear irs

    Im looking for a complete rear subframe to swap into my 2013 Jetta. I would even be interested in a complete 4 motion rear subframe as well. Let me know whats out there.
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    Snap-On Modis Ultra VW expert mode

    Anybody have experience with using snap-on scantools with the VW expert mode. I have a Modis Ultra that I bought a year ago. Ill have to see if the CD that came with it has anything about it. Just looking to see what anyones done with it.
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    WPC treatment to eliminate cam wear issues

    WPC Surface Treatment Demo #1: Have anyof you PD guys looked at WPC treatment to fix the cam wear issue?
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    Looking for a GTB turbo flange

    I know somebody has one laying around: GTB flange Looking for a GTB turbo flange to weld to my cut up cr140 manifold. Let me know how much shipped to 60193 it would be a business address.
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    Anybody Track their car?

    Anybody here track their MK6 sedans? Im signed up for seven 20min sessions at Blackhawk Farms September 20th. All stock just going to be on Hawk HP+ front pads and HPS rear pads and RBF 600 or a DOT 5.1 Tires: 225/45/17 Factory conti's
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    WTB: Bad DPF (dont throw it out) Chicagoland Area

    I am looking for a old dpf I dont care how many miles or it ash load. Would prefer to keep it cheap. Would also be nice if someone in the Chicagoland Area had one as I would pick it up.
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    mkvi h2sport products

    Anyone have experience with mkvi H2Sport products? Mainly looking for input on their coilovers and rear bearing kit. Ive worked with the mkiv spindles and control arms and they are top notch. Im looking to get into NASA GTS3 class.
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    Front suspension questions

    Whats different between the mkiv, mkv, mkvi front suspensions. Im wanting to go coilovers up front to get lower, but I wanna know if I can use the h2sport drop spindles, control arm bearings. Ive driven on all this stuff before when I installed them in my friends mkiv and it is amazing how...