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    FS - Backup camera kit (NIB) 5K0-827-469-AS-ULM

    I purchased this kit years ago for my 2012 R, but I never got around to installing it... and that car got traded in... so here is is up for sale. $425 shipped to any address in the lower 48 States. Paypal payment. Signature will be required. (note, this is a personal sale, not tied back to my...
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    Request of info from TDI CR owners in NA market

    Greetings fellow TDI cult members.... all hail the oil of life! :D We are wanting to gather some information on the TDI CR engines. I'm looking for the following: Complete Auto-Scan Part numbers of "Exhaust Pressure Sensors" Channel map of engine, key on, engine off Channel map of engine...
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    How to read wiring diagrams - the videos

    For your learning enjoyment. Download the PDF here. Video #1 Video #2
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    How to cycle the lift pump Simple video showing how to us VCDS to run the electric lift pump on TDI engines. Useful if you replace the fuel filter. As always, the these videos won't win any awards, but the information is useful. Plus a cat!
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    $99 tablet

    Figure some of you guys here would like this: Today's unit of measurement for scale, tomorrow's banana bread. Out in the yard with dumb dog while scanning an ECM. Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16MS. Running the VCDS "Classic" (Beta version) and HEX-NET for wireless connection. The good...
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    Mk5 TDI PD request

    Greetings, I'd like to put a request for mk5 Jetta owners with the TDI PD engine. * Ignition on/Engine off * A/C turned on * Engine Control Module, Measuring Block group 022, field 4. What is the value? What is the value during cranking? What is the value with the engine at idle? Thank you.
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    16785/P0401/001025 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System: Insufficient Flow Detect

    TDI CR engine with a P0401 DTC: If you fix the car by replacing the EGR filter, can you post the weights of the old filter and new filter, in grams. I would like to see if we can find a theme of filters over X grams are bad. Thank...
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    How to video - Start of Injection This video goes into some detail on doing the Start of Injection on the VE family of TDI engines. The video shows just how little of an adjustment is needed to make changes. Thank you.
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    DTC 17586 on 2004 Jetta (BEW)

    Wednesday,21,September,2011,18:31:11:60709 VCDS Version: Release 10.6.4 Data version: 20110418 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chassis Type: 1J - VW Golf/Bora IV...
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    TDC (Top Dead Center) for Automatics

    In my daily job, I've found myself explaining how to get the TDI engine to TDC if there is an automatic trans, hard to explain over the phone, but I think these photos will pretty much tell the story.... this may seem like basic 101 timing belt... but I'm surprised at how often this comes up...
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    FS - used touareg right headlight asm

    $100 + $20 for shipping. Selling "as is". Will only ship to lower 48 States. If you would like to purchase, IM your email address and I'll send you a request of payment from Paypal. Part number 7L6 941 016 CK . . This is the worst spot on the lens, a very small "chip". Took me a few...