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    Free: 5x100 steelies in good condition with old tires CAMBRIDGE

    Tomorrow I'll be in Cambridge. 5x100, 15", very little rust. Tires hold air and have some tread but they are old I was going to pull the tires off myself with a manual Tire machine but realized the effort isn't worth it and I have too many sets of wheels and tires anyways Currently sitting...
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    WTB: genuine rosstech hex-v2 vagcom cable

    before i go and send roseland my money, I thought i would check on the forum to see if anyone has a hex-v2 vagcom cable for sale. LMK, thanks!
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    Difference in rear brakes on pre/post facelift mk4 tdi?

    Rock auto lists different part numbers for the rear brakes on the tdi based on it seems pre and post facelift. The parts look the same and Ive never heard of this difference so I just want to confirm as the "pre facelift" brakes are about 50% less than post edit: there is a slight difference...
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    Canadian recall search by vin?

    Searching the website comes up with nadda, google, nothing, transport canadas page with links to automative manufacturers recall links shows vw as n/a. Does anyone know where I can search for recalls based on my vin, and see if anything is due?
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    mk4 tdi website listing common issues, what to look out for, etc..

    Back in 2008 when I was looking to purchase my first tdi (ended up with the unicorn b4v) I remember coming across a website that had an extensive used car buying guide for TDIs. Maybe it was this site, but I haven't been able to find it. Recently bought a PD and I know nothing about them. If...
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    Wanted desperately: I need to either buy or borrow a spare, 5x100 mk4 tdi

    Wanted desperately: I need to either buy or borrow a spare, 5x100 mk4 tdi North York Currently sitting at an esso on Leslie north of Sheppard. Have been waiting 2 hours for a caa tow and no updates. If someone is in the area that has a spare I can borrow or buy, lmk I have cash on me My number...
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    Wtb: mk4 wagon cargo cover

    Looking for the cargo cover for a wagon, preferably in black
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    Intake manifold, egr and egr cooler the same between Alh and bew?

    Going from a 2000 Alh to a 2006 pd and I have a clean intake manifold, egr and egr cooler. Are these consistent between both engines or different parts?
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    LF: power steering and coolant lines, passenger side, alh

    Looking for the two power steering and coolant lines that run vertically beside the serpentine belt on the passenger side of the Alh TDI. Mk4 Jetta
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    Coolant hoses beside serpentine belt?

    What hoses are these? A fender bender broke the bracket on the frame and the serpentine belt has rubbed a small hole in both lines.
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    Noco 400amp jump starter powerful enough?

    I street park and today my car wasn't having any of it. Yesterday it started fine. I see noco has several jump starters starting at 400amp. Is the 400amp enough or should I be going to at least 1000amp?
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    Any idea whose skid plate this is?

    Purchased it 3rd hand from a seller who knew nothing about it. It came with two pieces of square tubing with belts welded on one end, and nuts welded into washers on the other. Plate is steel. And freaking heavy
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    Besides the rad, what else could be leaking in this spot?

    I recall the last time I had the car up that there were pink crustys on the rad. The frequency of adding coolant has increased rapidly and this puddle is what is left almost immediately after the car parks. What else should I be looking at on the passenger side once I can get it on a lift...
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    LF: mk4 wagon, golf, or even a Jetta sedan

    I would like to stay in a TDI and I would love a wagon for the utility but a golf or Jetta sedan would be fine too. Not looking for a project Located downtown
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    Hood wont open

    Was in a low speed fender bender and the bent fender pushed the hood over and it looks like the loop that fits into the hood latch is bent and now I cant open the hood. The hood release inside has almost no resistance but I can pull the hood up to release the plastic pull. Pulling on the...
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    Needed: alh intercooler and associated hoses, clamps, sensors

    Got into a fender bender where the guy took out my right passenger corner. Destroyed the intercooler looks like there is a sensor above it as well. I definitely need the intercooler, probably some clamps, the sensor, probably the top pipe. located downtown toronto, In markham/steeles area...
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    Rad replacement, should i replace hoses too?

    Looks like my small leak has transformed itself into a big leak. Should I replace the upper and lower rad hoses when i change out the radiator?
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    Alh, high pitched squeal/whistle when letting off after heavy acceleration

    You can hear it in this video: Bearings in the turbo? Some sort of leak?
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    WTB: 15" 5x100 vw hubcentric steel wheels, GTA

    Hi guys, looking for a set of steel wheels to throw some winter tires on. anyone have a set of vw hubcentrics?
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    LF: guru/mechanic in Toronto or hamilton area to do my TB

    I bought the parts from roseland but now my schedule is rammed and I have no time to do it. Although I have less than 100k on the current belt, its making noise. I will be working in Hamilton as of monday 7 till 7 for the next couple of months and would love to be able to drop the car off with...