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    2005 Passat B5.5 with bad trans (central IL)

    I'm done with my Passat TDI wagon. Here is the link to my Facebook Market Place add. $3000 obo.
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    Getting diesel in my engine oil?

    I've got a B5.5 BHW Passat that is getting diesel in the oil. The oil level goes up about 1/2-3/4" in a 1k miles. The engine starts and runs great with no smoking, so not a leaky injector. I first thought it was coming from the tandem pump, so I changed it twice and no change. The only other...
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    2005 Passat B5.5 wagon.

    This is my ad.
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    1996 Passat B4V wagon.

    Sold. This is my ad.
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    Another fueling problem.

    My wife's 05 wagon has the long crank problem after sitting over night again. I've gone through everything and appears the tandem pump is letting it drain back again. I changed it a little over a year ago and it lasted about 8 months before it started the problem again. Here is my possible...
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    Rear wiper motor for 96 B4V?

    Need the rear wiper motor for my '96 B4V. There are no junkyards around me that has any VW stuff, and can't seem to find any online. Anyone have a good used one, or know where I can order one? Thanks, Chuck
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    Where to get nut for shift cable?

    Anyone know where to get the "captured" nut for the shift cable up on the transmission for my '96 B4V? The PO had "modified" how the shift cable was mounted to the linkage up on the transmission, but now I'm having some shifter issues and would like to get it back like it's supposed to be, but...
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    no drivers side low beam?

    My drivers side low beam headlight is out on my 96 B4V. The car has the euro light switch and glass headlights. The high beam works. Fuses are good and there is power on both sides of the fuse when the switch is turned on. All connections at the bulk connector on the headlight assembly are...
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    2002 Jetta TDI $1000

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    B 5.5 turbo intake sensor?

    Anybody know of an aftermarket source for the turbo intake temperature sensor(factory pyro)? I have a code P0546. Chuck
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    Donor vehicle possibility?

    I have a 2002 jetta with the dreaded and dead auto trans. There is no local donor vehicles for a 5 speed swap except a 97 passat tdi. I don't think they are compatible for a swap, but figured I would ask. Can a complete swap be done from the 97 passat to the 2002 Jetta? Chuck
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    2005 B5 long crank to start

    My wife's B5 has to crank an extended time to start. 10-20 seconds usually. It's not every time, but probably 90% of the time. It will restart immediately after shut off, but longer than 10 minutes and all bets are off. Once started, it runs perfect. There are no visible fuel leaks or raw...
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    WTB 1z factory turbo wastegate

    I am looking for the wastegate off the factory 1z TDI turbo for my 1996 B4V. Anyone have a good used one laying around?
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    weak VNT spring?

    I am not getting full boost pressure on my 1996 B4V. It appears to be due to the VNT spring being weak and allowing the boost to be released too soon. I have checked all parts of the pressurized system and everything is good (N75, hoses, etc), but can only get about 12 psi. I have new DLC...
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    My glow plug time won't change with VCDS?

    What next? I have a new temp sensor that is giving me close to actual temps, but my glow plug time is 1.01 units and doesn't change no matter what value I program into VCDS. Yes, I have used both the "test" and "save" buttons. I have gone from the max to the minimum allowed save numbers but...
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    Engine coolant temp sensor problem.

    My glow plugs are not staying on. When I have my VCDS plugged in, I show the coolant temp of 38.5 Celsius (101 Fahrenheit) after sitting all night in my 35 degree Fahrenheit garage. When I unplug the temp sensor, the reading stays the same, but the check engine light comes on. This is causing...
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    Looking for good ECM for my 1996 B4V.

    I still have the old plastic "BK" coded ECM. I would like to upgrade to a better one so I can have better choices for tunes. Chuck
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    Looking for B4V replacement ecm, will this work?

    I am looking for a replacement ecm for my original 1996 B4V plastic cased (BK coded I think) ecm. I have found this one (028-906-012-JB) from a 1998 Passat 1.9 TDI. Will it be a direct replacement? I want to do some tuning and other programming the old 8-bit computer doesn't allow. Chuck...
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    WTB. B4V lift gate parts needed

    1. Lift gate latch mounted on the inside lower part of the lift gate. The part that holds the gate.closed. 2. Lift gate support cylinder end. I'm looking for the plastic end that threads onto the cylinder and locks over the pivot ball mounted on the body inside the gate. When in place, it is the...
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    B4V liftgate questions

    My kids broke my lift gate. My gate opens with force and my kids are too short to reach it as it opens, so it broke the upper end of the passenger side lift support and the gate latch. The support end threads off, but I can't find where to buy just it and not the complete support. Anyone have...