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    Shopping for a van

    Some folks around here may have figured out that I am no longer a TDI owner ... I've decided to separate the daily-driving vehicle from the motorcycle-hauling vehicle. Up until now, I've towed bikes on an open trailer (which I still have) behind the Jetta - like this: Still have the trailer...
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    EPA fines diesel tuning equipment supplier!OpenDocument
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    Saw my old TDI today!

    Today, while going into a Tim Horton's parking lot in Ancaster, I saw something familiar ... Hmmm. '96 Passat TDI sedan, silk blue. Looks familiar. Not too many of those around, especially that colour. Swung around that end of the parking lot. Tinted windows, check. Trailer hitch, check. Bug...
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    Crossed this milestone today on the motorway ...
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    Blew a heater hose

    Burlington Skyway today, trailer in tow, heavy traffic. Coolant level warning alarm came on. Went 3 km to my exit, confirmed that the bottle was empty, limped to Walmart and filled up the bottle with water, 3 km later the warning came on again ... dammit, had to get both the car and the trailer...
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    Awesome conversion project

    Detroit Diesel 4-53 in a Chevrolet pick-up (with a 4-speed x 2-range manual)
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    Track day road trip

    Perhaps after all this time on this forum, it's time to show where my username comes from, and it's got nothing to do with my behaviour on the roads! For me, this is what it's all about: For 11-12 June 2009, a local track day organizer (Hot Lap Events
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    Credit card thread

    The credit-card fraud thread has been merged into its correct place here.
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    ALERT ALL! No political messages in avatars or signatures

    Having just spent several minutes deleting avatars and modifying signatures ... PLEASE do not put any political messages in avatars or signatures. This goes for both the current Canadian and US elections, for the duration. If you see any political messages, please advise a moderator. We reserve...
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    How many cylinders do you have?

    Someone on another board had a neat idea ... How many cylinders do you have? The winner is the person that currently owns the most cylinders. There is 1 rule, the cylinders you own have to be currently running or within 1 hour of getting started and running. Here is a link to the thread on...
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    Spammer banned, thread locked.
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    New summer wheels

    Spyn Motiv 18x8 et48 rims, Falken 245/40-18 tires. Looks like this! The offset is correct, the wheels aren't recessed in the way the stock ones are, but they don't stick out either.
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    Graphic pictures of fatal collisions

    ... do not belong on these forums. Those folks who made that original thread, and replied to it, know what I am talking about, so please don't do it again.
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    Bunch of children in a schoolyard - KNOCK IT OFF!!

    I need to get something off my chest. There are a whole bunch of adults that have been acting like children lately. For the most part, I think you know who you are. Rule of thumb ... THINK before you hit "Submit". I am fed up with "fanboi" attitudes. I am fed up with people who are "fanbois"...
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    Heads up - Low windscreen washer-squirter pressure

    Few weeks ago I started noticing that the washer squirters weren't doing what they should. Today's task was to get to the bottom of the problem. Car-too-smart nuisance: you can't operate the washer squirters with the hood open! but I found the problem nevertheless, after operating the...
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    BANNED SUBJECT LIST: DSE, biofuelBasics, H2, acetone, non-taxed fuel, etc

    Read this.
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    BANNED SUBJECT LIST: DSE, biofuelBasics, H2, etc

    Read this.
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    Intake runners - how long?

    All this discussion of intake runners got me interested. How much difference could they really make? I have a demo version of software from Lotus Engineering (yes, same company). The demo version will only do one cylinder, so don't ask me about plenums or any of that, no can do. But still, the...
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    Ooppps ... there's a hex head screw in a front tire ...

    Left front tire picked up a screw from the road today just before I got home. So far it looks like the tire is holding air; for how long remains to be seen. I know enough to not try to take the screw out! These are the original Michelin Energy tires with 111,000 km on them; they're just about...
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    The Mk5 Antiroll Bar Experiment

    Reference discussion for background tech info: That thread is about Mk4, but many of the concepts are applicable in general. Note: Antiroll bars are sometimes called antisway bars, I prefer the proper name - they act against roll. The...