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    Mixing unleaded with Diesel in 2012 Jetta TDI

    Sweetmeat--the same thing happed to me at the BP station in Lakeland Florida. (gas deliverted from a green handle labeled DIESEL) I didn't notice at all until it started missing ---Yikes!!! 2004 MB Sprinter turbo diesel. So the only way to empty the 30 gals of regular out of the DIESEL tank...
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    Mobil 1 ESP Formula-M 5W-40 price shock!

    And what would be the 2nd thing?
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    Mobil 1 ESP Formula-M 5W-40 price shock!

    what is the 2nd thing? Just curious.
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    WVO tank in a new VW TDI???

    It must not be just about saving money--that would be just STUPID. Some folks are just very stubborn about insisting on RUINING expensive German diesel with this WVO CRAP! THIS IS NOT BIODIESEL, FOLKS! Real refined bio _D is MORE Expensive than road diesel.Duh. Maybe you must make some kind of...
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    Gasoline from Diesel Pump @ BP?

    I trust nobody will rag me for posting in the wrong area----"Alternative fuels" indeed!!
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    Gasoline from Diesel Pump @ BP?

    Well it happened to me @ the BP station in Lake City Florida back in Feb. We pulled into the clearly marked DIESEL PUMP (green hose and handle) with our 2004 MB SPRINTER campervan. Cheerfullly pumped $78 worth and went on our way--for about a mile. Got towed to a shop which was not...
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    Strange No Start

    Jon I hope you eventually get some replies on this one very puzzling. Seems like you took appropriate action to resolve it. Nick.
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    1998 VW New Beetle TDI 1.9

    1898 VW New Beetle TDI 1.9 Rick-----sure you got the valve timing correct? Had it scanned yet? Use this forum to find a trustworthy TDI Guru near you. Bound to be one. Good luck and don't give up it's probably something simple.
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    can you sleep in the back of the wagon?

    I agree totally--that's a far better solution than a miserable night unable to stretch out. I have a long history of sleeping in vehicles when necessary and so I was disappointed to find I could not get really comfortable in my 2004 Jetta wagon and was happy to discover the bottom cushion...
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    900 Miles on a tank with a PD?

    900 mile tank PD Or even 65 MPH he might have made it. 75 seems to be slightly ahead of the curve. I regularly get 80 KILOMETERS OR MORE IN MY 2004 Jetta wagon (BEW) just driving normally. If I still lived in Texas I would try for a 1000 mile tank, but up here it's too hilly and...
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    What is the point of B100 retailers?

    "Willie's Place" Hillsboro Texas I stopped by last winter to check out what Willie Nelson started----the first Biodiesel Truckstop in North America, @ " Carls' Corner" on Interstate 35 near Hillsboro. Surprised to find that is is now an "EXXon/Petro" with the usual fast food...
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    Battery question

    It realluy shouldn't go dead in 5 days-----batteries DO self discharge but not that fast. I regularly leave my 2004 Jetta TDI for 8 t to 10 weeks with no problems--- starts right up.. I suggest you do NOT disconnect as you may lose codes. GEt a jumper pack from various sources (gel cell...
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    Dieselgeek bypass oil filter kits available again!

    Bypass oil "Starvation"? Sorry Rattler i can't agree with you on this one. I can't see how the bypass system REDUCES the amount of oil available so long as the oil level is CORRECT ON THE STICK! More oil is needed in total, that's just a benefit. Only downside of these systems to me is...
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    Dieselgeek bypass oil filter kits available again!

    Dieselgeek Bypass Oil Filter Just to make their expensive high-tech engines LAST LONGER is the only reason I can think of. My oil analysis reports improved markedly starting from the dat i installed one of Jim's setups. Sorry to hear that they are going out of production. Just glad that...
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    Are you guys talking about rust VISIBLE on the OUTSIDE of the fender or up underneath the wheelwell somewhere--please be more specific about the location. thanks.
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    do or dont or dye

    Guys----legality aside consider this---do you really want the DYE itself in your fuel system and eventually in your oil? I don't know exactly what is is but it MUST be some kind of particulate. Around here they dye the "Marine" gas red and with perfectly clean oil after an O & F change it...
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    Canadian Diesel Fuel Quality?

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    Canadian Diesel Fuel Quality?

    How about some response to this thread FROM WESTERN CANADA? (THANKS GUARDIAN)
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    Storage battery discharges sitting on concrete ??

    "Parasitic or "phantom" loads If as you say you have a "constant amp draw, there's your answer-----just like a bank account if you have "draws" you must arrange for a "deposit". If your battery won't hold a charge DISCONNECTED then you obviously have a BATTERY problem. Everybody blames the...
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    Storage battery discharges sitting on concrete ??

    Easy to test for "phantom " loads. Connect a multimeter on amps or milliamps scale between either battery post and the (disconnected ) cable. That will tell the story. Maybe there is a short somewhere.