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    And yet another Toyota swap, but M-Tdi.

    Hi everybody, I've been hanging out here collecting info and doing research for about a year and a half now in preparation for swapping a Tdi into my 1983 Toyota Hilux and I have officially started the engine swap part of the build. I have a full build thread going on over at the Off-road...
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    Exhaust brake for truck conversion?

    Hey guys, I have to say that I am a bit concerned about asking this question after a search of the site and finding a lot of negative responses in regards to putting an exhaust brake on a stock car with a TDI, but I suppose maybe asking here in the swap/conversion area might be a better place...
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    IP Size vs. efficiency

    OK so I have my 4bt pump with a 12mm head and I will have a 1.9 TDI pump with a 10mm head and wondered what the thoughts were regarding these sizes of heads vs. the final motor's efficiency. I have read that in order to go with the 12mm pump I need to use at least .216 or larger nozzles, more...
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    4bt IP Questions

    Ok, so I have my 4bt pump Bosch # 0 460 424 045 and I have a couple of questions. There is a lever on the side of the LDA top and I can't seem to find any reference to it in the Bosch VE book, what is it? And second there is a mechanism attached to the timing piston cover on the same side, is...
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    TDI Conversion Questions

    OK, so I have been doing a boat load of reading about VW diesels on the net as I would like to use one for a conversion in a 83 Toyota pickup but I am still left with a few questions. First. In my reading I have looked at TDI and IDI motors and one thing I cannot really find out is if the...