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    Driver's window auto up function not working.

    The window still goes up but not on auto. Does it need a new switch and how hard is it to change it?
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    09 Jetta wheels on a 2014 Sportwagon?

    Will they work or are they different spacing, offset or whatever? Thanks.
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    Lower Control Arms

    The front tires are wearing a bit more on the insides than out and I don't see a way of adjusting the camber. I thought I would start by replacing the lower control arms. Does that make sense and if so are some brands better than others? Are there other things to check? The car is coming up to...
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    Car did not start

    We just got back from a 3000km trip. Next morning, no start. It cranked a few times and then no more. I am thinking maybe the battery so I install a new one. Again turn over a couple of times and stop. This time it was accompanied by a yellow steering wheel symbol. I try once more, it almost...
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    Chevy 350 TH400 in a sportwagon

    I was going to add a picture from my email but don't know how. BTW the engine and trans are just in the car as passengers on a pallet. Some 2 X 4's were added for extra support. 5.4 L/100 km at 88 kph for a 1000 km ride over the mountains and sitting pretty low on the springs but popped right...
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    Door adjustment

    My wife is complaining of noise coming from around the passenger door. Can I adjust it in a little bit and how to do it? I see the hook on the door post with Torx head screws and assume it can be adjusted. What size Torx is it as I don't have my set with me? Thanks
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    Timing Belt Replacement Tools 06 vs 14

    I have a brother who needs a belt and water pump change on an 06 Jetta. Can the same cam locating etc tools be used for both 2006 and 2014 engines or does each require its own set?
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    Alberta Members

    From Calgary here. On my second TDI.
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    Are VW and Volvo cables the same?

    I bought the Vida/Dice cable and software for the Volvo. Could I use the same cable for the VW and just buy the VCDS software to put on my computer? Sorry if this sounds not so smart but I have a very limited understanding of this stuff. After reading another thread the answer is no so please...
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    2014 DSG oil change

    This one looks different from my 2013. I need access to the DSG oil filter and can't separate the air filter box from the battery tray. The two must be separated for me to be able to get the battery tray out. I have removed the torx screws and the air horn but the two are still stuck together at...
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    Bluetooth Wireless Adapter

    So this plainest of Jane model that I bought has no blue tooth and not even an aux input to the radio that I can find. Any suggestions of what I should use to get blue tooth connectivity to my phone?
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    How to check timing belt condition?

    2013 Sportwagon 162000kms (100000mi) and wanting to make sure it lasts until buyback maybe in August. Is there a way of checking the belt and what to do to see what kind of condition it is in? Thanks.
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    Engine misfire code

    From my new and cheap OBDII reader I get an engine misfire code. I erased it to put the engine light out but am worried it will come back again. Anybody got ideas on what could cause this? Thanks.
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    Wet Key FOB, car goes chirp chirp

    Better not to get drywall mud on the key FOB (what does FOB stand for?) but even better not to wash it off. I've had it not start, car goes into panic mode, and after finally getting it home it is still causing the car to chirp. How does one get the FOB apart to remove the battery? Thanks.
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    oil leak

    2013 Golf Sportwagon 2.0 L TDI 150000km. We were gone for a week and came back to -23C. Car started OK in outdoor parking lot but next day a puddle of oil found on garage floor. It appears to have come from a pipe banjo fitting at the back of block low and closer to the RH side. Ran it but...
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    Hello from Calgary

    Hello every one. I was searching for an answer about brake fluid while working on another car and came across this forum. It looks like this might be the right forum to get tips on DIY maintenance. My car is a 2013 Golf TDI wagon. DSG oil change is on the immediate horizon and I have ordered the...