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    F/S full exhaust from 11 jsw tdi $1200 obo

    Same guy that bought the Cat. The dfp was worth about $200usd. CAT was like $990
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    F/S full exhaust from 11 jsw tdi $1200 obo

    Just an FYI for you, I scrapped my cat and DPF from my '09 Jetta and got $1200
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    5HP19FL GMR

    There was a really good instructional video on one of the BMW websites, I think E46 Fanatics. this Australian guy did a full tear down of a 5hp19 transmission. Essentially the same unit as in our Passats just with a rear wheel drive output instead of the differential build right into it. I...
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    '09 Jetta Wagon TPMS location?

    Wondering if someone knows that location of the TPMS control box on a '09 Jetta Wagon? I've ticked every box to turn it off with the VCDS but it does not give up. I was just going to unplug it.
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    WTB: DPF filter for 12-14 Passat

    I have one from a '09 Jetta, not sure if it is the same. Ontario Canada
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    New TC and just got P0741

    Maybe you can get away with just a valve body rebuild? rollin' the dice My new TC blew a seal in the valve body after about 2000kms. It's a little strange the you are getting the 0741 code though.
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    Official Ontario stuff for sale thread

    FS - CBEA ECU ECU from a 2009 Jetta, did not have the emissions fix done on it. Not exactly sure what that changes in the coding. Can include complete wiring harness. $100obo
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    Replacing the camshaft

    I'm also heading down this road. Any opinions on the Aimco camshaft kits on Ebay? Not too crazy about the idea of dropping another $800 on this car.
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    BS failing, maybe?

    I've developed a pretty bad oil leak since doing the BSM delete. After lots of searching I think the source of it is from between the camshaft and the tandem pump. Was a slow leak before but now with the increased oil pressure it is really flown'. I was reading something about a metal crush...
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    Looking for a turbo

    I can get my hands on one off a bhw. Relatively recent rebuild on the engine. I believe it's interchangeable with the bew. Where abouts are you?
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    '09 Jetta TDI to B6 Passat

    I know people have done this. Seems to me like it should be a plug and play kind of swap. With a full donor car this is dead easy, right? Jetta getting a bit too rusty. :(
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    Windshield cowl part 3B1819415EB41 discontinued?

    Shouldn't be too hard to find at your local scrapyard.
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Yeah, it sucks on the ground. Even just tipping the front end up high enough to roll the tranny out can be a pain.
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Unfortunately I've become a bit of a master of removing the transmission from my Passat. Between TC failures and valve body issues, I've pulled that damn thing out at least 7 times. (probably more) got it down to science now. So subframe was the first thing out when I started down the BSM...
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Done, deleted. Finished bolting everything back up last night. Drove it to work this morning. Would not have even been that bad of a job if I wouldn't have busted the rear main seal in the process of pulling the pan off. (Wife was rushing me and I missed those 2 bolts, thought it was just...
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Thanks, was just going by feel. The rust wouldn't let the 6 go in. Took the rad off so all good now
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Is it T40 bolts that hold the accessory belt pulley on? I may have just stripped them. Don't have my front end slid out far enough to see well inside. was hoping not to take the whole rad off, but might have to now.
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Yep, broke in the exact spot that Oilhammers pictures show.
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    BS failing, maybe?

    Thanks Oilhammer. good to hear it from the master. Pictures are helpful, exactly what to look for. I'm a little wary of tackling this job. I've collected all the bits and pieces to do the delete years ago, they've just been waiting for the noise. Putting a lot of miles on the car lately...