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    Audi TT Aluminum Wheels & Tires FS

    Hi, a set of four OEM Audi TT wheels with Sumitomo 225/45ZR17 tires. Tires still have most of the original tread depth left, outstanding handling/stopping with a decent ride. Wheels have scratches in the original powdercoat and really should be redone. No center caps. $450, pickup near...
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    Thread for B20 locations?

    I lost the link to the B20 fueling stations - where is it? The Golf sure does run smoother, quieter, and I think it has more power with B20
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    Correct method to insert oil filter?

    Should the oil filter be pressed onto the plastic cap stub until it "clicks" or should the oil filter be inserted down into the aluminum can.
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    Pentosynth synthetic oil?

    Last week I picked up some Pentosynth 5W-40 from Steve's European Automotive in Waterford, MI for $4.95 per liter (comes in 1 liter containers). When walking in, if you mention their web site they give you the web prices. The label on the oil is all German, which I can make out...
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    Propane boost

    December edition of "Trailer Life", check it out. Adding a shot of propane completes the burning of diesel fuel in the cylinder, inceasing mileage.
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    Basic Newbie Questions

    My 2000 Golf 5 speed is almost a year old now with almost 26,000 on it. No problems, the best all-around car I've ever owned. Getting around 52 mpg. When I first got the car the dealer was pushing Valvoline Durablend and I did two oil changes in-between the dealer changes with this oil. Its...