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  5. MB250 MPG 50.1

    MB250 MPG 50.1

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  10. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    No, nothing that glamorous. My one and only stop was at a rest stop in Indiana.
  11. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    Filled the tank in York SC, 800 miles to Des Plaines IL @ 70-MPH average, still have more than 1/4 tank left. Display indicated 48.0-MPG. Dealer replaced the main battery.
  12. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    Drivbiwire/jnecr/ktr, Thank you for the informative replies. 8.5 liters sure is a lot of oil. I understand about the more complex emissions equipment not playing well with the 2-cycle oil, but what about adding Power Service (white or silver bottle)? Sam - I still have the run flat...
  13. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    In 1-month I have put on about 4,000 miles. In all that time, it used about 1.25-gallons of DEF.What's up with that?Granted most of the driving was highway, but what the heck is only 1.25-gallons going to do?0.0003125-gallons per mile.Or 28.41 drops per mile (assuming 90,921.8 drops per gallon)...
  14. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    10.4 !
  15. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    I have about 6,500 miles before the oil change is required. Will do it sooner. Last tank lasted me 750 miles going back and forth to work. I peeked under the engine cover. Getting to the oil filter looks easy. I'm liking the car more and more. Acceleration is very good for what I need it...
  16. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    E250 Sport, RWD. The car is a CPO 2016 blk/blk E250 Sport, rear wheel drive. Bought it site unseen, and never rode in one. But as a friend told me, “don’t worry about it, it’s a Benz”. I must say the ride is very nice. Not as sporty as the 2004 Passat with the lowering springs, HD...
  17. 2004PassatTDI

    B5.5 RPMs vary by 100 40 to 50 mph in 5th

    Mine has been varying rpm since new, in the same manner you stated. Car now has 195,000 miles. Had trans fluid changed 3X. Pan was dropped the first two times, everything normal.
  18. 2004PassatTDI

    Would a bad glow plug(s) cause...

    The dealership that did my last glow plug recall put the wrong ones in. I noticed it when the car threw a code and then I replaced them all myself. when to another dealership and asked the parts guy what the correct GP is, and they gave me the wrong number too.
  19. 2004PassatTDI

    B5.5 Max Tank at 985.4 miles

    It was about 1.75-Gallons.
  20. 2004PassatTDI

    B5.5 Max Tank at 985.4 miles

    Tikal, Try this trick if you like. Next long range trip you go on, fill your tank to the brim, but also fill a 5-gallon fuel can. Double stack some 2X4s so that you make a little single ramp that you can lift the rear passenger wheel up 3”. I tapered one end to make lifting the rear wheel up...