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    New VW diesel engine

    That is exactly what I have. I have the luxury, thanks to working all my life, of having separate vehicles suited for specific needs. My EV is for around town errands & commuting to work (70 miles round trip, free charging at work), my TDI Sportwagen is for trips and hauling stuff, my BMW 335i...
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    VWA wants to test my emission corrected JSW

    Miles on a Dyno don't necessarily equate to more stress than road miles, it depends on what the technicians are having the car do during the test. This is not like the usual Dyno test where you are running the engine to max revs and loads to measure maximum horsepower, but rather running it thru...
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Got my check for $350 on Friday 9/28/17
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    VWA wants to test my emission corrected JSW

    They say only about 150 miles on the dynamometer. Plus $$$ in my pocket. Plus I get a brand new Taureg to drive for a month, and I can bring it back with an empty tank. Plus my JSW will be washed and have a full tank when I pick it up. Plus if it fails to meet the Cal standards, they will have...
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    VWA wants to test my emission corrected JSW

    They say they will have it about a month, I got a 2017 Taureg Wolfsburg edition with manufacturer plates as the loaner. My wife has basically claimed it as her car to drive. Lots of neat stuff, backup camera, etc., but the high SUV seating position feels weird to me. I was randomly selected...
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    VWA wants to test my emission corrected JSW

    About 2 weeks after I had my 2011 JSW TDI emission fix done, I got a call from a VW representative in Michigan asking if I would be willing to allow my car to be used for a California emission fix verification. Apparently I was randomly selected to participate. I will have to give up my car for...
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    CA playing dirty w/ registration renewal?

    The only way to be sure is for someone (like sriracha), who has not had the recall done, submit the vehicle registration paperwork without including proof of the update as supposedly required, and see if they will complete the California registration regardless.
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    CA playing dirty w/ registration renewal?

    Good question....anyone have info on this?
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    what to do after neutered/ruined

    I got the fix, but have very few miles on the car (2011) yet. Initial impressions on performance change. MPG I will have to wait and see, but even a little loss still puts it in the exceptional fuel economy range. I am glad I did the fix, I have taken great care of the car, and it suits...
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    what to do after neutered/ruined

    My observation also...
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    Appears to be a Fix for Gen 1 cars! Gen 2-3 are Software.

    Perhaps this?...1K0-254-708-GX exhaust pipe with particulate. filter.
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    Appears to be a Fix for Gen 1 cars! Gen 2-3 are Software.

    My dealer advised me that they would start scheduling appointments for the Gen 1 fix on Monday Aug 14, so I called that day and I am now scheduled the retrofit for Monday Aug 21 @ 8am, which is solar eclipse day. I am also getting a dental crown done that day also. I choose to believe it is a...
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    Approved Emissions Modification

    "Will $5K pay for 2 MPG?" I have been waiting for someone to say that. Other than impact on resale value, I don't really see myself having been "harmed" significantly by the whole affair. Granted, NO2 is not a good thing, but in the grand scheme of things, we are exposed on a daily basis to all...
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    Now that the Gen 1 fix is out: Contemplating the Gen 3 for Gen 1 swap

    Well, I bought my Gen 1 diesel and maintained it with a mind to drive it until maintenance costs got too high. The only mods have been taller 18" wheels/tires to somewhat offset the DSG's final drive ratio, and religious use of Dieselkleen with every fillup. I do scheduled maintenance per the...
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    2.0 Gen 1 fix approved

    2014's are not Gen 1....
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    Spoke with the head of communications at CARB

    Keep in mind that VW is not doing a gen1 fix out of the goodness of their hearts, they are doing it because they are being forced to, like it or not. Whether they don't like it is irrelevant to a fix happening, unless the EPA and CARB totally bend over to VW, and that is not going to happen. A...
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    Appears to be a Fix for Gen 1 cars! Gen 2-3 are Software.

    Almost certainly VW negotiated for the software-only (for now) fix on the Gen3 cars so that they could sell the sequestered inventory of them. The yet-to-be-released/approved Gen3 hardware fix will be a ways off. The Gen1 fix will certainly be the most hardware intensive (even with lower...
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    Men or mice: will VW grow a pair & have diesel in '19 lineup ?

    Well, I have a 2011 JSW TDI that I bought when my daily commute was 150 miles. I am keeping that car because it has been well maintained and is a great car. Diesel in Los Angeles has been cheaper than RUG for over 2 years. A change in jobs reduced my commute to 66 miles/day, so I bought a BEV...
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    EPA Permits Sale of Inventoried TDIs

    This just in...Fox news is reporting that a number of VW TDI's have been infected with malicious software. The affected cars have exhibited the following unusual behavior: without warning they move to the far right side of the road and stop, and refuse to cooperate with the driver, and then the...
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    Volkswagen agrees to deal with unions to cut 30,000 jobs

    Well, they should be held liable, but come on, 1 billion for lost wages?