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  1. AndyBees

    Question: Which VW has a double harmonic balancer pulley?

    Seems I remember someone saying that a 90s era Passat has a double pulley on the harmonic balancer (probably two piece). So, I am looking for one and assume the inside pulley would have the same number of grooves as on the OE ALH pulley. I want to add an extra belt on my ALH to spin a power...
  2. AndyBees

    99 New Beetle, Immobilizer or not (lost key)

    This car has been sitting parked for at least 10 years due to lost key. I noticed it had been sitting in the same spot for years. It belongs to the grand daughter of one of my late friends. She called me over the weekend inquiring if I could get it running. Thoughts on how to deal with this...
  3. AndyBees

    Reminiscing, TDI Fest 2011 - Lexington, Kentucky

    These photos popped up on my Face Book account today. They were taken by my wife (Dee) and posted on September 11, 2011. So, I'm posting them here as the 101 seems to get the most traffic. (Moderators, if this Thread needs to be moved, please do so.) It is difficult to believe that 10 years...
  4. AndyBees

    MK4 Shifter Rebuild Kit

    Tired of searching ... So, does anyone know the whereabouts of a kit to rebuild the shifter on a MK4 (2001 Jetta 5-speed)? The plastic bushing(s) are shot as well as other pieces.
  5. AndyBees

    Creating a New Album

    I have a number of Photo Albums and I know how to upload additional pics to them. However, generally, my Albums have titles that pertain to a particular subject. So, how do I create a new Album? I found how to create a "Personal Album" but it appears that it will be private! Thoughts?
  6. AndyBees

    2001 Jetta ALH Automatic .... timing all over the place

    The guy has only owned this vehicle about 6 months, thus basically no history 294k miles and automatic with no codes. The Timing is all over from 12 BTDC to 12 or more ATDC .. engine mis-fires, smokes just a wee bit, no power and sometimes totally quits running but fires-up fine. These are the...
  7. AndyBees

    Need help, 2006 Jetta Rolling Coal and virtually no power

    Info: 2006 Jetta BRM, 273k miles, DSG Initially the owner thought it was the MAP sensor and installed a new one. When the Code was deleted, it come back. He brought it to me. Using VCDS, I deleted the Code and it come back. The owner also stated he thought the problem might be the Connector...
  8. AndyBees

    Mass Air Flow Connector Part Number

    As the title says, looking for the part number for the Mass Air Flow MAF Sensor Connector Plug Harness Pigtail For VW BeetleGolf Jetta.
  9. AndyBees

    Feeler........ 2009 CR Engine minus Turbo (for sale)

    So, here is the story. A friend's 2009 Jetta blew the turbo (broken shaft) just out of warranty around 2012 or 13. VW would not cover it, obviously. So, he found an engine in a local Junk Yard (Knoxville, TN) with Turbo cheaper than he could buy a new Turbo. Then he sold the car back to VW...
  10. AndyBees

    Steering Position Sensor (G85)

    2006 TDI with the DSG transmission This car has the Steering Wheel Symbol on as well as the Traction Control Light. Also, VCDS scan gives a Fault Code with the Steering Position Sensor. As I understand both of these symbols are related to a faulty Steering Position Sensor. YouTube...
  11. AndyBees

    2001 MK4 Shifter Box

    Cannot get it to shift into Reverse and only sometimes into 1st gear and never in 2nd gear. The bushing is located there on the left where the shift rod goes into the lever to the left of the spring. (not talking about the center white shift bushing) Where can I obtain the shifter box bushing...
  12. AndyBees

    Crankshaft Speed Sensor---- Broke

    From the pic below, you can see that the old Sensor broke when I was removing it. The missing part is still in the engine block. So, are there any suggestions as how to remove it?
  13. AndyBees

    Photos gone crazy in Photo Gallery

    Can someone tell me what's going on with my photos? Take a look in this link >>> These photos were just fine a few days ago!:mad:
  14. AndyBees

    Celebrating 40 years of VW Diesels

    January, 1980, I purchased a 1980 VW Diesel Rabbit (4-speed). I've been driving VW diesels since and haven't looked back.. Bit of trivia: May, 1980 drove the Rabbit diesel to San Diego, CA. If I remember correctly, it cost less than $50.00 in fuel going out Seems the cheapest diesel...
  15. AndyBees

    Coolant flow in your Conversion set-up

    As many of you know, I did an ALH TDI install in an 84 Vanagon ( which was finished and put on the road in August, 2012 (about 84k miles on it now). So, I've noticed the engine temperature runs a bit on the high side during cold days...
  16. AndyBees

    Setting a new Accelerator Pedal (Adaptation ?)

    Okay, I've looked high and low and come up empty handed with this subject. I found nothing here or with a Google Search that specifically addressed the ALH TDI. So, does the Accelerator Pedal need to be "set" or adapted to it's new home? New or Used. If so, how? Lastly, is there...
  17. AndyBees

    Heater Core, or did I dodge the bullet?

    My formerly owned 2000 Jetta TDI has been losing coolant. My son owns it now and uses it for a relay car with his work. So, sometimes it sits for a few weeks. Anyway, I found the leak. It is high up on the fire-wall at what appears to be a connector to a pipe or hose that goes inside to...
  18. AndyBees

    Heater door rot

    Heater Blend Door Rot I've repaired several New Beetle heater blend doors with obvious success. Last week the AC went out in my 03 Jetta. Today, I had to drive it to run several errands. Wow, the heat was horrible.:eek: Anyway, I noticed bits of sponge coming out the center vent. So, no doubt...
  19. AndyBees

    06 Jetta, no power to the driver's side door

    There is no power to the controls on the driver's side window, lock, etc. The 2.5mm Red/Yellow wire doesn't have 12 volts on it. Fuse SC23 provides power to both the Driver's door and the Passenger's Door. Passenger side works fine. I checked and re-checked for 12 volts on the 2.5mm Red/Yellow...
  20. AndyBees

    AC slowly quit putting out

    2003 Jetta, previously excellent AC until a few days ago. When this problem started it just began putting out less and less cold air on three different consecutive days of trips into town. On the 3rd day, basically zero function! The compressor is spinning. Manifold gauges show 80...