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    $10 off Brake Sets!

    As winter approaches, brakes are more important than ever. Healthy pads, rotors and ABS systems are vital to keeping you safe as the snow and ice starts to hit the roads. To get you prepared we're helping out with $10 off ALL IDParts Brake Sets through the end of October. If you order a front...
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    Gen 1 TDI fix receives EPA approval

    From VW: Today, Volkswagen received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) for an emissions modification for affected Model Year 2009-2014 2.0L TDI vehicles with Generation 1 engines in connection with our settlement program. This...
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    Why is my Golf interior getting wet?

    We've had a couple of cold, wet, miserable days here in MA. And after doing errands this afternoon and finding the windows were difficult to keep clear on my '99.5 Golf, I did some investigation. Passenger front footwell carpet is wet. I pulled the cover for the cabin filter and the filter...
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    Farwell to Parker, my buddy

    Sadly Parker, our Tibetan Terrier, has passed on. He was recently diagnosed with cancer, untreatable, and the vets' efforts to make him comfortable were not working. So with heavy hearts my sons and I had him put down yesterday. Parker was an important member of the IDParts family and the...
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    Who loves their CR and will take no money from VW?

    Since Tuesday this forum is full of threads made up of people counting the money they'll receive in the buyout or recall. Seems that most CR owners are just waiting to get a check from VW so they can buy another vehicle, often a truck. TDIs are unique in this market. Only VW has offered diesel...
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    Is the MKIV VW's best A platform?

    This being TDIClub, many people have written about the ALH TDI engine in MKIV Golf/Jetta/New Beetles. It's fair to say that most TDI enthusiasts see it as VW's best diesel. However, I think that a large part of what makes the ALH appealing is the car it's in, the A4 platform built from '98 (in...
  7. I Sales & News - Updated Every Week!

    This is the master thread for specials, news and TDIClub support. If you have any questions feel free to post and we’ll reply in the thread or via PM. Protect Your Fuel System with Opti-Lube Winter Formula Winter is in full swing. The winter vortex has returned and a few big...
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    Buying new tires, what size?

    Yes, this again. After much deliberation three years ago I bought 185/60-15 tires on Corrado steelies for my B4 Sedan. They've been great, although they're almost worn out after less than 30K miles. I attribute some of that to my son using the car a fair amount: He seems to do a good job of...
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    2012 2-Door Golf TDI Manual - Massachusetts

    I'm selling my '12 Golf 2-door, bought new in October of 2011. Blue Graphite, manual transmission, no options. No sunroof. 27,800 miles, always garaged, 43.8 MPG since new according to Fuelly. This has been a great car for me, but I simply don't drive it. And since my wagon got its new engine...
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    IBW achieves 300K miles

    After nearly 13 years of ownership, IBW hit 300K miles this morning. I bought this car new in May of 2002 after searching for a Golf TDI for nearly a year. I was set on the Golf, but saw some wagons on a business trip to Germany and thought they were cool. IBW had been ordered by my local...
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    New (to me) Golf, complete with issues

    Here's the story: This is a '99.5 Golf that our IDParts Crew Member Jeff has driven for the past 7 plus years. He bought it from Mr Chill at Kraftwerke after the previous (and original) owner suffered a broken timing belt and damaged head. Chris repaired it and sold it to Jeff. It's...
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    IBW Gets a New Engine

    Here it is, arrived at Kraftwerke this morning. Factory long block. And a few things to go with it. Why? Here's the story. As many of you know, IndigoBlueWagon has been around a while and done many things. I bought it new in May of '02, had it chipped (Upsolute, remember them?) at 30K...
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    Audi TDI Ad

    Probably everyone has seen this, but as a long-time diesel owner I like it.
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    200 WHP from a common rail with DPF: anyone done it?

    The upshot of this thread is I want a new(er) track day car. When you drive to the track unexpected failures can ruin a weekend. Newer will help minimize those. I have a 2012 2-door Golf TDI, no options. So it's the lightest common rail out there. I was thinking that I should probably trade...
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    Golf has GTI suspension? Not so much

    I've never been thrilled with the ride quality on my '12 Golf. When I got it I thought the ride was too firm, enough so I switched from the OE 17" wheels to 15s with 65 series tires. This helped, but I still have moments where I wish it rode more like my A4 wagon or B4 Passat. I've thought...
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    Helped my daughter go to the dark side and get a Jetta S

    Of all the people to do this, this weekend I helped my daughter buy a gasoline-powered Jetta. She's living in LA, not a car person, but needed reliable wheels. Being 2,600 miles away makes it hard to help her out if she has a breakdown, and LA County doesn't have a surfeit of TDI gurus. So we...
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    Ported Head and Dbilas Cam Works

    As described previously I've had the engine refreshed in my wagon, and yesterday I took it to the track for the first time since. Part of the refresh was a ported head by 87TurboQuattro, a Dbilas 260 cam, and double valve springs. I put PP520s in the car with an 11mm pump because that was as...
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    I've driven IBW about 4,500 miles in the past three weeks, and while doing that have amassed some FE data and had plenty of time to think about the car and how it performs. The car has always delivered pretty good FE, especially when one considers that I drive it with almost a total disregard...
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    oilhammer support thread Brian's a great guy and has been a valuable resource to IDParts and many of the rest of us. Just wanted his friends in the East to see this and lend him a hand if you can.
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    Got a B4 (again)!

    Although I had a B4V a few years ago, lately I'd been thinking that I wanted a sedan, and was just waiting for the right one to come along. So when I heard that BRUSSELS BELGIUM (Jack) was going to part with his '97 I jumped at it. Drove it at Ho5G on New Years, mrchill took a look, and we...