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    Thoughts on tiny puff of white smoke

    Hoping for some direction. On cold starts, I am getting an increased starter time lately, maybe 3 turns with one soundings bit long, and a small puff of diesel smelling white smoke. No smoke at all when idling even when cold Car is a 2003 with newish Firad 520’s(.205), tested and balanced...
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    WTB: Gray Center Console w/cup holders

    Anyone have a good condition center console in gray with the cup holders? I have a 2003 wagon.
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    WTB: Steering wheel

    I currently have a 4-spoke with sun damage on the top. Looking to buy an excellent condition replacement. Black, just in case they come in other colors. I might be interested in a 3-spoke too, but it would have to come with the airbag. I don’t want to look separately. No steering wheel...
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    Door sail panel part number?

    Curious if anyone knows what the part number is on the passenger side door sail panel? Is it integrated with the tweeter? The little tab for the door panel attachment is broken. I may try a fix, but figured I would look into replacement costs. Cannot for the life of me find the number online...
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    Oil pan sensor cover plate leaking...

    The three bolt cover plate at the bottom of the oil pan is leaking a bit. Where the oil sensor that is not there goes. Pulled it off to clean up, reseal and reinstall. Turns out there is an O-ring there. Anyone know the part number for the o-ring? Or a compatible one? Also, when reinstalling, I...
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    Dorman side skirt review

    Update: Dormans are perfectly fine. I was the one misshapen. See last post. My belly pan is OEM and in decent shape, but my side skirts are a wreck. Decided to buy some new ones. Went with the aftermarket Dorman ones from Rock Auto. $45 shipped for both. Good price I thought. When will I ever...
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    Low side coupler doesn’t fit.

    Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning, but my AC manifold quick coupler does not fit onto the low side port. Here is a picture of it. The distance between the end and the ring the coupler grabs a hold of is too long. What is going on here? Is it missing something? This manifold has...
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    DIY overhaul AC?

    I am about to replace fans and do an AC overhaul. System is currently empty. I did an engine swap in December and I am hoping the compressor on the replacement engine is good. The old one had been neutered at some point in it's life and had the clutch removed(I think). I was going to do it all...
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    When will diesel prices start to fall?

    Gas prices have dropped super low. I have seen $1.49 up here in Maine. Will diesel start to follow? Still at $2.76. Can anyone explain exactly why diesel prices fluctuate offset/behind from gasoline?
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    Crusty turbo VNT lever

    Hi all. Last year I did the Easy Off oven cleaner method on my turbo (265K) to free up a crusty vane arm. And installed a new VNT as the old one was rusted through. Procedure worked nicely, but now it’s back to being stuck. I don’t think it’s carbon, but more of a rust thing. I have a lower...
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    Quality Pre-painted fenders?

    Anyone have any luck with the online pre-painted fenders? Which companies have people tried? My doglegs on both sides are pretty well perforated. I have done the clean-out and por-15 and paint and and, but really it's a losing battle. Rest of the car is actually pretty great considering coastal...
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    Not Mine: Golf TDI needs repair: Maine: $800
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    Building a 2.5" Turbo back exhaust parts?

    After my overly exhaustive search comparison of every single exhaust setup possible/available for 2003 wagon I have found a local VW guy who is going to fabricate a 304 stainless system for me for a decent price. I want it to be 2.5" and I want it to be inspection compliant and decently quiet...
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    A Craigslist Spotting: 2003 Wagon 5-speed: Maine

    Not mine, but looks pretty good:
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    Coolant issue, need advice ASAP!

    I am sitting at a gas station. Recently completely engine swap. Everything was checking out great. Now out for a more extended drive and car is very slowly overheating. No heat from vents. Tried opening coolant, but it just bubbled and rushed full with more coolant. Temp got up to 114 c. Coolant...
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    Coolant hard pipe, auto vs manual

    In my endless freezing cold exercise of swapping engines I cleaned up the coolant hard pipe and installed a new seal. But just realized I did this to the donor engine’s hard pipe, which was off an automatic car. To save me a trip out to my shed, and then out under the tarp in 9 degree temps...
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    Harmonic balancer styles for ALH

    Mid engine swap. I have two different harmonic balancer styles in front of me. Fatty looking ‘older’ style, and the thin looking ‘newer’ style that uses shorter bolts. Both engines are 2003. Engine coming out had the older style fatty. Any preference? Manual transmission with SMF conversion if...
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    Cylinder block and head mating surfaces ready?

    Without getting into it, as I have other threads on the topic, I have some questions on assembling my used engine. I have cleaned up the block and head and have two concerns. First that there appears to be fly cutter marks from the original decking of the block. See attached photos. Second is...
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    Need advice on cylinder wall marks

    So, I am starting a new thread, instead of continuing in the metal chunks thread: as the questions aren't about the metal chunks anymore. Background: I have dived in to swapping my cylinder head. Current setup is driving a bit warm, using...
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    Name those metal chunks?

    Found these today: Any knowledgable guesses? My current guess is a piece of lifter. Car has been running pretty good. 46 mpg on it's last tank. Though I am about to pull the cylinder head because of suspected leaky head gasket and a bunged glow plug hole. So will be able to dig deep on the...