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    MAP Sensor Comparability Question

    I have a 99 TDI swapped Ford Ranger. I have Audi A4 dual intercooler setup. The map sensor bung is of course in the Audi intercooler. Since the sensor for the Audi is a different bung size than the Beetle, I’m wondering what comparability there is between the 2.5 bar map sensors from different...
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    1995 Ranger/B4000 TDI Swap

    Things started out for me before I owned my Ranger. I followed BleepinJeep on youtube and Nate on that channel has a PD TDI in his Jeep Wrangler TJ. He has a series of videos that go into details on TDI swaps both specifically about Jeeps and also in general. Nate left and made his own...