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    Anyone ever heard of an SAGW flywheel?

    SBC buys the 5 speed ring gears from VW. VW supplied them with a defective batch a while ago. They would have warrantied yours if you'd contacted them. They swapped out our flywheel stock when they discovered the defects.
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    WTB: ID Parts Winter Front

    When we have a better idea of when they're coming we'll turn the product back on. When it's active but still out of stock you can ask the site to notify you when they arrive. I can also try to remember to post something here when we have a firm date.
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    specs on the 96-97 fuel filter o-ring?

    So I have to ask, why do you need these? They're included in fuel filters and last the life of the filter.
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    specs on the 96-97 fuel filter o-ring?

    Oops. My bad. I didn't read the '96-97 part of your original post. Steve is right. Those o-rings are part of the filter assembly. The ones I showed are for MKIV cars.
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    specs on the 96-97 fuel filter o-ring?

    Not true, they're sold separately. VW catalog doesn't show dimensions, but you can buy them at a dealer if you have one nearby.
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    //// 1990 Jetta ... we don't go back that far ! ////

    Looked like these at first glance.
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    WTB: ID Parts Winter Front

    We don't take down discontinued products because many people find dead links frustrating. And links to our products are everywhere. It's not ideal, but is the lesser of two evils, in our opinion. We had some of these last year but they sold out early, and, as I posted above, hope to get more...
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    WTB: ID Parts Winter Front

    We may be getting more of these this season. We're having major supply chain issues currently (not surprising) but are still hopeful they'll appear. We don't have anything about this on our site because we're not certain enough of getting them before winter.
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    //// 1990 Jetta ... we don't go back that far ! ////

    Those are Corrado wheels in the photo, right?
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    Which tune should I use?

    These guys have a good reputation, too: I learned about them from a friend who had to be able to show emissions compliance in Massachusetts with an X5 that was emissions deleted.
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    Which tune should I use?

    Of course you should do what you're comfortable with, and it's true that Jeff doesn't maintain his web site. His business is largely word-of-mouth, even these days. He was tuning cars years before Malone existed. I got my first tune from him in 2004, and he wasn't new to the market then.
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    My 2003 Golf 4-door

    Golfs are great. Here's my son's: It has a 2" lift, which is great for him because he lives where it snows a lot. He's had it for about 6 years, it's just about to hit 400K miles. He describes it as the best car he'll ever own. In fairness his only other car has been...a Golf. 2-door, also...
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    BEW tranny Swap into an ALH?

    Stock BEW turbo is actually smaller than ALH. If it's a replacement and a VNT-17, it is an upgrade on the ALH and it will work.
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    2000 Jetta TDI loss of power after clutch replacement

    Probably a vacuum line or boost hose got knocked loose. And looking for codes would be a good place to start.
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    2015 TDI Wagon Auto to Manual

    This can be done, but it would probably be easier and less expensive to find a Wagon with a manual. I know it's difficult, but they're out there. Even SELs. I grabbed my '15 in part because I wanted a manual. I realize the DSG is a good transmission, but in my opinion there's no substitue for...
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    New owner

    Welcome! Timing belt service is due at 130K miles. If it hasn't been done I'd get on that. Also if it's a DSG you should complete a DSG service if you don't know if one's been done at 120K. The DSG has a 40K service interval.