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  1. petea4

    VDubFest this Sunday July 21st. Be there!!

    Sorry for the late thread, but here are the details! Saturday July 20th: VW Poker Run Starting point is Volkswagen Canada, 777 Bayly St in Ajax 1:00-5:00 Always a good time! Afterwards there will be a cruise night at Shake Rabble and Roll, 939 Dundas St in Whitby (McQuay and hwy 2). Sunday...
  2. petea4

    WTB: turn signal stalk and trans

    In need of -a turn signal stalk/lever for '04 Jetta wagon -a 5spd trans for '01 TDI For my buddy that grenades 5th gear, and the stalk to stop the constant ticking/clicking in my sis's wagon. Tell me whatcha got. Thanks, Pete
  3. petea4

    FS: Lots of great Euro/Rare MK4 goodies and a glimpse into a secret! Look inside -->

    FS: Lots of great Euro/Rare MK4 goodies and a glimpse into a secret! Look inside --> FS: OEM Euro R32 FRT & NA R32 Rear complete bumpers/stainless exhaust/GLI skirts/Cupra lip/GLI interior trim/TMTuning retrofit headlights/BBS LM’s 5x100 I’ve hoarded these parts over the years, and had plans...
  4. petea4

    Anyone have a MK4 rear axle kicking around?

    Hey, Anyone have a rear axle I can cut up? Looking for a "corner". Want to screw around with it and see if another non-VW caliper can be adapted. Big brake kits only address the fronts. Not rears. Let me know, Thanks.
  5. petea4

    FS: OEM 18" Huffs\tires\adapters, and 14" OEM steelies

    FS: OE 14” 14x6 MK2/MK3 ET38 steelies: $40 steelies Located in Etobicoke. PM is key. thanks, Pete
  6. petea4

    Need a gas cap.

    My sis rolled away from the gas station and left the gas cap on the roof. Another motorist pointed it out about a block away as the flap was open. Cap was nowhere to be found. Any of the boys parting cars want to toss one my way? Pete
  7. petea4

    Gathering acorns for spring.

    As winter is upon us, projects start going through my mind. So I'm looking for these parts for my MK4 Golf 4dr: -R32 lower bumper grills -R32 steering wheel and e-brake -rear upper hatch spoiler -rear hatch handle/latch -side skirts -hood -driver fender -Jetta dash vents So if you come...
  8. petea4

    Looking for heads, blocks, pistons, pumps?

    Looking for TDI engine parts? Check this out:
  9. petea4

    Help! ran out of diesel and stuck at 401 and Guelph line

    Car was sputtering and lost power. Ran out of fuel. Sitting in the carpool lot on the south side of the 401. Just west of Guelph line near Mohawk raceway and Campbellville. Car is an ALH so need some suction help to get it going. Pioneer is nearby on the other side of the 401 for thediesel...
  10. petea4

    Looking For a clean hood, and some help.

    Anyone have a super duper, clean, minty fresh Golf hood? Uniblack would be perfect. :D No rust, or bullet hole'd hoods apply. And..... who has some time on the 15th, 16th, or 17th of July to give me a hand stripping apart my car? I'm leading towards the 15th. ;) Time to freshen up the...
  11. petea4

    Looking for storage....

    Hey guys, Need a spot to park my '72 super for the winter. Anyone have a garage spot available? Super easy, no wrenching. I'll drop it off, and pick it up in the spring. I don't want to leave it outside in the snow. Let me know, Pete
  12. petea4

    Need a driver on Saturday!

    Need a driver this Saturday! Anyone have time to roll up to Sault Ste Marie with me Saturday? I’m on the night shift this week, so plan on rolling out right after work - 7-8am. Drive straight to the Soo, and look/purchase another vehicle. If purchased, roll both back to Toronto same day...
  13. petea4

    Need a AC compressor

    Hey, My compressor started smoking and then siezed. Totally sucks that it happened today. Was working well last week, and now it's toast. Anyone have a working AC compressor that they want to part with? Let me know. thanks, Pete
  14. petea4

    FS: GoPro High Definition Motorsport HERO Camera

    Hey, I've got a GoPro HD cam for sale. Brand New In the Box, never opened. Here's the info: GoPro’s HD Motorsports HERO is the world’s smallest 1080p HD on-board video camera. Professional quality 1080p, 960p, and 720p HD...
  15. petea4

    Bought oil.......Want some?

    Have a 60L drum of Oil for my ALH. Way to much for me to use. Need to share. So......... anyone interested in some? Bought it for just shy of $400 TAX IN. $6.66/L Bring your container to fill. Here are the details: Pete
  16. petea4

    Need computer help.

    My laptop is acting up. I'm getting all these alerts, and virus protection pop-ups. I have been travelling a bit over the last few months, and have always used the unprotected wireless systems at various hotels and shops. It has been happening since then. I did a windows update, and it's...
  17. petea4

    OEM battery finally bit the dust.

    Engine was turning over slowly as it was getting colder. Figured it was the starter tightening up. At -6C it finally gave up. Getting a boost confirmed the battery was the issue and not the starter. Battery was an original from '01. I'm impressed it lasted so long. Replaced with another from...
  18. petea4

    How much does a 5spd trans weigh?

    Hey, How much does a 5spd trans weigh? :confused: Pete
  19. petea4

    Oil spray rustproofing? GB?

    Taking with friends the other day, and the issue of rustproofing came up. Do you rustproof your car? I never had any issues with my Audi A4. My '01 Golf is starting to show it's age. My dad's Volvo's that he gets sprayed every year look like new. His 740 that ended up at the scrap yard...
  20. petea4

    Cleaning out the garage..... Lots of MK4 Golf stuff for sale!

    Need to make room in the garage to continue working on my '52 project, and pay some bills. September was an expensive month as i attended 3 VW events in the US! TDIfest2009 in Washington DC, H20international in Ocean City MD, and the Bugorama in Las Vegas NV. :eek: :D Check out the link...