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  1. Nuje

    Clucth master and slave cylinder replacement

    Didn't take too long to find via Google (a5 clutch slave idparts): IndigoBlueWagon (member here) is one of (if not THE) principals at that outfit; if they sell it, it's good to get.
  2. Nuje

    FS: Frostheater / Zerostart for ALH 5MT

    This came on a car (2002 Golf TDI, 5sp.) I bought a while back; never used it (I live on west coast), but previous owner said it did what it was supposed to do. Comes as you see here; you'll have to pull together some hoses. $80USD, shipped to Canada/US48.
  3. Nuje

    how to tell if donor car has short shifter?

    Take a dremel cutting wheel to the top ~30mm of the shift lever inside the car (after pulling off the knob of course) = short shifter for me. There's also a thread here from wingnut on how he created his own short-shifter from the older ball/cup style shift cable attachments. Definitely a...
  4. Nuje

    2015 Golf TDI SEL DSG $10,000

    Congrats - hopefully the deal gets done! Buyer is getting a smokin' deal.
  5. Nuje

    2015 Golf TDI long crank first start of the day

    Your 2013 is a Mk6 (and this is the Mk7 sub-forum); if you post your question over at the Mk6 sub-forum, you might get more better responses.
  6. Nuje


    ...and too late - he already bought a new one. Well, if anyone is looking for a Frostheater (ALH, 5sp), I have one collecting dust in the garage.
  7. Nuje

    Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    Oh wow - that'd be great, Greg! Not my car (with the RB8 cluster), so I'll have to wait until the owner brings it by again (he has a shopping list of things to get done in the next few months).
  8. Nuje

    FS: Snap-on Electronic Torque Wrench

    Probably one of the most indispensable tools in my toolbox; hate working on cars (or bikes for that matter) without it. Takes all the guess-work out of "is this tight enough?", and doesn't make you question your tools like those clicks ones. Good loud, audible BEEP when you get to within 2% of...
  9. Nuje

    Frans: Hey Hans, those TDIers are going to be mad when they have to change the oil in a 2015. Hans: Wait til they have to change a headlight bulb:)

    Interesting that it's so difficult to get to the low-beam bulbs on the Mk7. I have the HID bi-xenon "lighting package" lights (which shouldn't burn out for a good long while...hopefully), but I've had to replace the H7 "cornering" light on my car and a friend's car, and put LEDs in my front...
  10. Nuje


    you were saying....? ( Ironically, this is a car that DOES get driven regularly, however, it's almost always on battery power, so the ICE was never firing up to scare the critter(s) away)
  11. Nuje

    Power folding mirrors

    Installation .pdf.
  12. Nuje

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    dwu.048 installed a set of those a while ago (earlier in this thread, I think).
  13. Nuje

    Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    I kinda buried it in my post above, but if you can read the EEPROM, it's super-quick/easy to figure out the SKC (at least on the VDO NEW clusters): Look at the three pairs of bytes that repeat themselves, starting at byte 204 (byte 0xCC), flip the order of the two bytes, then convert that...
  14. Nuje

    Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    GregModder You're welcome. :D
  15. Nuje

    Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    No, having looked at VDS-PRO, it's definitely 10400 - lots of oddball stuff in there.
  16. Nuje

    WTB 6spd DRW Auto to Manual conversion kit.

    I got a DRW from frans (DutchAutoParts) - he has a thread in the Vendor sub-forum. Given that it's a couple hundred pounds of stuff strapped to a pallet, and arrives in a few days after order/payment....shipping seems downright cheap - like $250USD or so for the whole 6sp. swap package.
  17. Nuje

    Driver seat airbag/seatbelt blew; anchor / latch need replacing, too?

    The car did suffer a little parking lot "doink", while it was parked, to the left (same side as blown bags) rear taillight (photo below) about 10days prior. I figured the two might be related, but (a) seemed ridiculously minor, and (b) weird that it'd wait 10days to deploy.
  18. Nuje

    Driver seat airbag/seatbelt blew; anchor / latch need replacing, too?

    I had gotten the impression just from pulling various bits apart on these cars, that anything with a yellow connector was part of the airbag system. (?) In any event, I just left the seatbelt latch as it was (easy enough to remove later if need be), hooked everything back up, cleared the codes...
  19. Nuje

    Driver seat airbag/seatbelt blew; anchor / latch need replacing, too?

    Friend's car - driver seat (and side curtain) airbag blew while driving down gravel road. Got the airbags and seatbelt reel for replacement, but then noticed that the anchor (by console, where the belt clicks in) also has the yellow connector; does that need to be replaced as well if the...