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  1. SnowCub

    Recommendations for a Bottle Jack?

    I find myself in need of a bottle jack. Does anyone have any recommendations? I know nothing about the things excepts they have a small footprint.
  2. SnowCub

    Know Anyone Who might like a BMW 740Ld?

    I was debating if I should post this in the forsale section, but I'm not selling anything. What I *have* been doing is following a Certified Pre-Owned 2015 BMW 740Ld on and the price has been dropping a lot. Its physically located at BMW of Peabody, MA...
  3. SnowCub

    FS: 2006 Mercedes E320 CDI

    FS: 2006 Mercedes E320 CDI, Boston, MA area *SOLD* Up for sale is my 2006 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI Flint Gray with Gray MBTex interior. This car has the inline 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with 5 speed automatic. This is the last year that the E class diesel came with an inline 6, the...
  4. SnowCub

    Mercedes Joins the -Gate? I wish they would start testing the gas engined cars as well. This has turned into a total witch hunt.
  5. SnowCub

    Anyone driven a BMW X3 xdrive28d?

    I have been researching the X3 diesel for my wife's next car. Over on the Bimmerfest forums there are lots of posts saying the car is "unbearably slow" or "good power around town but runs out of power on the highway". At 180/280 for hp/lb-ft its not a hugely powerful engine. The 4 cylinder MB...
  6. SnowCub

    Waterbahn show in October

    Came across this new lawn event at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA for all Watercooled VWs and Audis. Its October 11 from 10am to 2pm. Anyone want to go and exhibit their car? We should really have TDI's represented...
  7. SnowCub

    Tire question for the deep thinkers

    For some reason my brain cells went on vacation when I had a kid and I can't think through the tire conversion equations. I'm hoping folks can help out. The situation is I have a set of Winter tires from my 2011 Mercedes R-Class in size 255/50-19 RunFlat, they have about 6k miles on them. I...
  8. SnowCub

    Boston Auto Show this weekend

    Anyone headed to the Boston Auto Show this weekend? I was thinking of going. Wondering if I would see any of you there?
  9. SnowCub

    What's the best 3-row vehicle to get?

    I know this forum is populated with people who have strong opinions so help me out. What's the best 3 row whatchamacallit that you could buy today? I need a car to haul around my wife, my kid (rear facing car seat), my MIL, and my parents. So 7 passenger minimum.
  10. SnowCub

    You can run but you can't hide

    Perhaps that title should have been, *I* can run but *I* can't hide.... So as some of y'all may remember after reading my encyclopedia about my Golf TDI problem, I defected for Mercedes. I was also scared off by the HPFF problems and figured Mercedes would stand behind you more. Well guess...
  11. SnowCub

    First Friday?

    Isn't today First Friday? Should we get together somewhere and lick our power outage wounds?
  12. SnowCub

    Are we doing a 2011 NEDD?

    On the way into work today I realized we're missing something, a Fall Dyno Day! Has there been any talk about this? I would actually like to get a baseline on my CDI since Sheryl's uncle told me I had to chip it. Something about it not having enough grunt over 90 mph. ***Update of interested...
  13. SnowCub

    Anyone from New England heading to Brooklyn, NY soon?

    I need to get a reclining chair out of my house and back to my folks place in Brooklyn, NY. If anyone is going that way and would like to make some cash, let me know. Probably would have to be someone with a wagon or Golf to fit the recliner though....
  14. SnowCub

    Anyone driving from Boston to Brattleboro, VT

    A friend of mine is looking for a ride from Boston to Brattleboro, VT, anyone happen to be going that way before New Years? Her husband is in the hospital in Boston and she's trying to get back home.
  15. SnowCub

    Recommendations for a good Stereo installation shop in the NorthEast?

    I may need to go with a custom stereo installation for the Benz and I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations of places to use?
  16. SnowCub

    Rust on top of fuel filter

    I've noticed quite a bit of rust on the top of my fuel filter. Does this indicate anything as to what is happening inside of the filter? My mechanic supposedly changed the fuel filter last Summer, about 15k miles ago. Just curious as my car has been starting rough lately.
  17. SnowCub

    Trusted Ford Mechanics?

    Anyone know of a trusted Ford mechanic in the Mass/NH area. I may need to pick someone's brain who has worked with the Ford Focus SVT motor. I thought maybe someone here could point me in the right direction. I've already joined the Focus Fanatics and SVT performance forums.
  18. SnowCub

    Silent auction proxies?

    For those of us not attending fest but who might be interested in some of the silent auction goodies, can we employee proxies to sign our names?
  19. SnowCub

    Anyone familiar with the Abatement process for the DOR in MASS?

    I have to file an abatement for penalties paid in registering my kit car. Wondering if anyone has experience with this so I know what details the government is looking for.
  20. SnowCub

    Small Spare tire for MKIV or 5x100 cars

    I have a spare tire from a 1996 Jetta GLX. I was using it as my spare while I had my grease car kit installed, since the spare is lighter and thinner than the normal spare tire for my MKIV Golf. I have since gone back to my OEM spare tire. Great for using with auxillary fuel tanks or custom...