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  1. hooville

    One Key

    Couple more thoughts: Remove the lower steering column cover and glue the RFID capsule near the ignition where it's out of sight and no danger of breaking, stolen or lost. As noted above soaking it out using nail polish remover is doable and pretty safe: use a plastic toothpick and if it...
  2. hooville

    Any idea what this part was originally designed to hold?

    The Passat is obviously the higher end model with a cupholder in the engine compartment!
  3. hooville

    LED Headlights for MK7

    It is possible to install the OEM HID setup, here's a link to GeorgeAb's DIY on GolfMK7 forums: I haven't really read through this particular DIY but I did use his DIY guide to upgrade the...
  4. hooville

    Help please, 2003 VW Jetta TDI Fuel Line Replacement

    The clear section is required by law to allow a visual inspection for off road diesel fuel which has red dye in it, but it's also useful for checking for air bubbles in the lines after changing the filter. Whether or not to use regular line in place of it is your choice, but it will work just...
  5. hooville

    2003 VW Jetta - Passenger Front Suspension Clunking

    Glad it was easy & cheap fix, a loose bit down there could get ugly pretty quick! I refreshed the front suspension on the MK4 2 years ago and had to double/triple check everything before it went back on the ground. My CDO never sleeps! :rolleyes:
  6. hooville

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Replaced both headlight wiring harnesses yesterday evening: opened up the driver's side to replace the high beam bulb last Saturday and there was a nice little pile of confetti and lots of bare wire! :eek: Thanks again to Andrew & the gang over at TuneMyEuro for super fast shipping and a nice...
  7. hooville

    2003 VW Jetta - Passenger Front Suspension Clunking

    Check the fasteners on the ball joint to control arm: in the video it looks like there is some play.
  8. hooville

    FS: Reflex Silver MKIV Golf Hatch and Rear Doors CT/NY

    Ditto! I’m tempted to drive up for the hatch just to check out the Ute! I have a 2000 silver Golf that’s too nice to cut up, but once I see the truck I might not need the hatch...? GLWS, I’m also following the build thread.
  9. hooville

    Flickering screen of death!

    I did the MIB2 conversion in our 2015 Sportwagen S last summer and have no regrets: I paid about $680 for everything (hardware, programming, shipping, etc) but it is not a trivial process so read the info in this link if you are interested in that option. The MIB2 hardware from any base 2016-17...
  10. hooville

    MK4 OEM Headlight Switch - Free

    Free Pickup in Atlanta, shipped anywhere the USPS will take a Priority Mail package for $10 Excellent condition, from a 2000 MK4 Golf, worked perfectly when I removed it last weekend! Fits all MK4 Golf, Jetta, Beetle and B5.5 Passat No fogs, just on/off all lights. The DRL pin is bent down...
  11. MK4 Headlight Switch

    MK4 Headlight Switch

  12. MK4 Headlight Switch

    MK4 Headlight Switch

  13. MK4 Headlight Switch

    MK4 Headlight Switch

  14. hooville

    right rear backup light keeps blowing out!

    Could be water leaking into the hatch: do you ever see (or hear) signs of water in the hatch? Check the wiring harness & plug for cross contact: IIRC you can change the reverse bulb without removing the carrier piece but you can see more if you remove it and poke around a little.
  15. hooville

    Black Glove Box from 2000 Golf GLS

    SOLD Black Glove box from a 2000 MK4 Golf TDI GLS. Glove box is in remarkable condition and will fit right into any A4/MK4 Golf or Jetta from 1999.5 through 2005 without modification. This is the high performance version with a smaller capacity than the 2002+ models: less stuff = less...
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  18. MK4 Glovebox

    MK4 Glovebox

  19. MK4 Glovebox

    MK4 Glovebox

  20. MK4 Glovebox

    MK4 Glovebox